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Jewish Student – Tackling Hatred On Campus Is TOGETHER

Being a Jewish student on campus in 2018 is not always easy. We face the same antisemitism we have seen creeping into everyday life in wider society, from both far left and far right, but on a more intense scale. The threat from groups such as Generation Identity, who openly...


Royal Reunions Strengthen University of Dundee’s Links

Staff from a leading Scottish university were; treated to a royal welcome as they met with two esteemed Nigerian graduates. Representatives from the University of Dundee met with His Royal Highness, the Emir of Keffi, Dr Shehu Chindo Yamusa III, and His Royal Highness, the Emir of Bakura, Alhaji Bello...


Crisis Over Wearing of Hijab at University of Ibadan School

The crisis over the wearing of hijab by female Muslim students of the University of Ibadan International School (ISI) worsened yesterday as the Muslim Parents Forum insisted on enforcing the wearing of hijab in deference to the decision of the school’s management. The Board of Governors of the 55-year-old school...


Values should be taught from kindergarten to university – Dr M

Good moral values should be given attention and taught to children from kindergarten to university, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He said the national educational system should teach students good values and character beyond imparting knowledge. “I feel some attention should be; given in school, from kindergarten to...



In life your thought Influences you positively or negatively. Most especially when your alone, also around people, when your angry, and when happy. These Guidelines will help you and motivate in life. 1 MIND YOUR THOUGHTS WHEN YOUR ALONE. It advisable to guide your mind when your alone because many negative...