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    What an Awesome Fight!!!

    I did not need any other motivation for devotion, this morning, since I came across this picture.

    With the amazing backing story.

    It’s a scenario meant to wake many people from their slumber.

    It’s now a story, for a life hack.

    This chicken died after several hours of fight against the snake that came feed on it’s children (chicks).

    But fortunately, the snake was also killed by the protesting Fowl.

    And I’d say it’s a good fight.

    And it symbolizes the struggles to live . I mean a real fight that every man should engage in.

    An Abuja based human rights activist and journalist, Sultan AbuBakr Siddeeq, shared this touching pictures online after the hen was killed and wrote;

    Motherhood is priceless and irreplaceable!!!

    “She Killed the snake and then lost her life in a battle to save its babies.”

    But this goes beyond motherhood.

    We fail to understand that cruelty is part of Nature’s essence.

    And that’s why Christians believe that the world has always suffered violence, and the violent takes it by force.

    But it’s appalling to learn that even as humans; most of us have nothing to die for.

    Who can explain why Lions will have kill the cubs of ousted males just to get the females in heat?

    That’s like somebody chasing you out of your home and then kills your kids just to sleep with your wife.

    The question is; if animals could fight to death for what they want, how much can you give to your dreams?

    For instance, when you can’t clip the wings of your competitors, you may have to live and work for them all your life.

    If you don’t take the bold step to take your ideas, your products and service to the market, they may be consumed by the power of inertia.

    When you start seeing the world as the bed of roses, there may come a time that the world will become more unfriendly that you’ll have nothing left to hold unto.

    When you keep depending on friends and siblings for your share of life; remember that how unpredictability factor of life.

    …and many other aspects were our violence sides are called.

    This time is your to create, recreate and impact. Don’t just adapt.

    Please, don’t quit without a fight!

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