Sometimes the fine line between getting that job you want, and having to put in an application elsewhere is the kind of CV you send out. As a matter of fact, a CV often makes a first impression on any employer.



Your CV reveals your skills, experience, and readiness within seconds of a hiring manager reading it. As such, you need to make your CV standout in an attention-grabbing way. Here are 5 tips to help you do that in 2020.

1. Apply Important Keywords


Keywords help you immediately match up to what the employer requires. This is because it takes few seconds for them to sift through what you’re trying to say on your CV. So more or less, they’re taking a glance. However, most companies now have software to help with that.

The software is imputed with predetermined commands that search out peculiar words related to the job opening. Tailor your CV after the company’s language. You’ll find such languages within the job specification, and what they expect from applicants.

2. A Catchy Design

A CV is not a sci-fi project. As a result, you’d be best served having important aspects with readable contents. A nice layout to follow helps make it standout. Also, what you want is your potential employer being drawn to keywords and important information. Using highlights or holding such key information will immediately attract them to it. This way, your CV sets you apart from other applicants.

3. Make good use of your Space

Most CV’s come with a physical address, a skills section, and a rather lengthy goals statement. Not bad, if the job absolutely requires such sections. But what you want to do is have a straightforward professional bio to introduce yourself.

Furthermore, outline your job history with brief details about how qualified and skilled you are. This helps you demonstrate rather than indicate what you can do. The skills section you leave out can form a crucial part of your job history.

4. Demonstrate Industry Insight

A keen knowledge of the industry you’re applying for will serve you well. It shows the recruiter you’re not out of touch with industry trends. What’s more, demonstrating your knowledge of the industry makes hiring you all the more attractive.

What you want is to be updated on news, posts, and other research-based changes affecting the industry. Find out ways you can create an impact and align them with other information on your CV.

5. Proofread your CV

Mistakes are a common part of living. But most of them are entirely avoidable. All you have to do is spare a little bit of time to simply go over what you’ve written on your CV. It’s a huge turn-off for recruiters when they find basic errors written by a supposed professional.

Errors don’t speak well about you, and only taint your efforts, and chances of landing that job.