The Minister of Education Malam Adamu Adamu said that the number of teachers currently serving in educational sector of Nigeria is grossly inadequate.


He spoke at the teaching and learning conference organized by the African Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities and the teachers Registration council of Nigeria [TRCN] in Abuja recently.

Malam Adamu said, demographic data have shown that African countries will be among the most populous countries in the world in two decades.

Nigeria, Congo and Ethiopia will be among the 10 most populous countries by 2050. He said there education system to cope with the anticipated population increase.

The manpower development look at the provision of necessary infrastructure. He said besides the quality of teachers and relevance of our curriculum is another instrument.


If the curriculum is archaic and faculty the products will be so. We must develop a unified strategy for developing a living and dynamic curriculum.

Although the minister did not give the statistics of the current population of teachers in the country and the number required, we believe he was referring to the number of teachers that have the requisite training and professional skills expected of any licensed teacher.