The specialists of Adeleke University, Suspends student in  Ede, Osun State, Nigeria, has; suspended the studentship of a section three Law understudy, Lawal Toheeb, for inability to go to the college’s forced various house of prayer exercises.



In a letter of suspension, marked by the school enlistment center, Mr. Oyerinde Caleb Oyejola JP, that was; given over to the influenced understudy on tenth December, 2019, the college says, bury alia, ‘The President/Vice-Chancellor considered the report of the Students’ Disciplinary Committee that saw you as; liable of gross lack of respect to Constituted Authority.

The Vice-Chancellor along; these lines endorsed that you ought to be suspended from every scholastic action in the Adeleke  University  suspends student for One Semester to initiate second semester of 2019/2020 scholarly session in accordance with; the assent in the Students’ Handbook… ‘.

Lawal Toheeb was; welcome to confront the disciplinary advisory group on third Decemeber, 2019, at the Senate Building of the school, that has people like Pastor Andrew Emuroutu, Mrs. Omije; the Chief Security Officer of the School, Mr. Kola Ojetoye; Professor Oguntoyinbo Atere, the Dean of Students’ Care; as individuals.


The Panel was; led by the school enlistment center, Mr. Oyerinde Caleb Oyejola.

As per Lawal Toheeb, every one of his requests to the board that he is a Muslim fell on their hard of hearing ears. He said they all implied the reality it was; an obligatory standard of the school that all understudies must go to the house of prayer administrations.

The school Sabbath Worship happens 8-45am to 9-15am on Saturdays, so additionally in the nights of Wednesdays and Saturdays, as; contained in page 49 of the understudy’s handbook.

This site affirmed that the Sabbath exercises on Saturdays used to end by; 12 early afternoon, while the ones at night of Wednesdays are; till dusk.

The Handbook states, ‘cautious arrangement ought to be made for the Sabbath particularly on Friday before twilight: garments and shoes to be worn on Sabbath ought to be prepared between (5:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.).’