Students of Akwa Ibom State College of Science and Technology, Nung Ukim, Ikono Local Government Area, are; on the verge of hitting the streets in protest against what they described as “unkept promises by the state government total disregard for the rights and privileges of students.”




The protest will take place on Tuesday, July 9, 2019,

Our tertiary institution which is; science and technology is owned by; the Akwa Ibom State Government.

We students are; pained by a lot of issues including the non-accreditation of courses, failure of Governor Udom Emmanuel to grant assent to the edict establishing the institution, and poor infrastructures on campus.

Our pleas for the anomalies to be rectified have always fell on deaf ears.

the problematic issues confronting the institution have led to poor quality of knowledge impartation in the institution.

“Quality education is our right, and we are ready to fight for our right. You can see for yourself that this school lacks so many basic facilities. The state government of Akwa ibom state are toying with our future; we cannot accept that.”

We also deserve good learning facilities in Akwa Ibom State Science and Techology

To  put this message across to the management of a road construction firm, Hensek Construction Limited.

“We also call on Hensek Construction Limited to return our school gate with immediate effect.

The gate was; pulled down some years ago when the Nung Ukim road was; being constructed. Our patience has been; stretched to breaking point, we want our gate back. We cannot fold our arms even as our school is porous. Our safety in this school has been; compromised due to the absence of that gate. Our school should be; accorded prestige”, they stressed.


On Tuesday, which is day one of the protest, the students will march to the Ikono Local Government Council Secretariat