The Akwa Ibom State Government has; shut down Government Technical College, Ewet in Uyo neighborhood government territory inconclusively over; distress, which left many including the Divisional Police Officer in the region harmed.


Understudies of the school had on Wednesday,  Akwa Ibom technical college nineteenth February occupied with a battle that prompted the devastation of properties, and wounds to some staff and cops who attempted to control the emergency. It was; found out that the Divisional Police Officer in the region was; harmed durin;g the agitation and is in a basic condition at an undisclosed medical clinic while an individual from staff was; ;experiencing careful procedure to his left side eye. Other staff and individuals from the open continued changing degrees of wounds.


The Commissioner for Education, Prof. Nse Essien said on Thursday in Uyo in a press articulation that the understudy emergencies has; gotten a common decimal. Prof. Essien noticed that a full scale examination will be completed on the reasons for; the emergencies and prompted the understudies to quickly clear the school premises.

He expressed that the administration won’t; overlap its hands and permit the school to be; transformed into; a nook of convicts, including that the understudies of the school will; bear the expense of the considerable number of harms caused during; the emergency.

The Commissioner who said; 34 understudies have been; named as; brains of the occurrence. He clarified that all the understudies captured during; the occurrence and those to be; captured will be; indicted in an adolescent court.

“Government Technical College, Ewet, Uyo is thus closed down; uncertainly and all; the understudies are encouraged to abandon the school premises with; prompt impact. Staff of the school are; anyway encouraged to keep on detailing for obligation.

“All understudies captured during; this awful occurrence and those to be captured over; the span of police examination will be; arraigned in an ordinary and adolescent court. “34 understudies whose names were; accumulated through keen sources as; being geniuses to these intermittent appalling occurrences are; therefore set on inconclusive suspension.


They won’t come back to our; educational system until their cases have been; looked into. The understudies of Government Technical College, Ewet will; bear the expense of the considerable number of harms brought about by their activity on resumption (if by any stretch of the imagination),” he expressed. In the mean time, the Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Nnudum Frederick who affirmed the occurrence said; 11 understudies have been; captured regarding the emergency.