Hello Nairalanders, Hope you guys are staying Safe. Please don’t mind my writing, I will make it short as possible.



I met this wonderful lady Last year and everything has been going good until 7 months ago when she told me she was Hiv+. That hit me hard but that didn’t change anything, she was surprised I didnt react and opening up to me didn’t scare me because I’m negative though we haven’t had sex yet before the moment.

Now it has been 4 months we’ve been having unprotected sex. I’m not afraid of contracting the virus, as she keeps taking med and her viral load is low. I made sure before we went for test before having unprotected sex. Her CD4 count is above 750 and viral load is below 20, which makes hiv undetectable in her.

Now one night around 3months ago, she woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me, why do I love her knowing fully well about her status because she could not believe she will ever have a relationship with someone negative not even in this Nigeria by the way they stigmatize hiv+ people. I told her the reason and I’m not afraid hiv is not the worse or the baddest of diseases. There are more killer diseases than HIV and HIV is not a diseases but a virus. Only attack your immune system and its no longer a deadly virus.

The problem I have now is that whenever I imagine myself having it and how I will popping drugs everyday, make me kinda moody towards her, because I always keep telling her to always take her drugs. Last night she discovered she is pregnant and I’m just imagining things how everything will play out, I know when she will put to bed she won’t be able to breastfeed. People will ask questions. I really need to tell someone in my family but I don’t know who. My mom my react and the other person I trust is my younger sister.

On her own part, only her elder sister and brother knew she has the virus. And she had it since 2007.


I only need an advice if I need to tell any member of my family, looking to settle down with her this October.