Anambra state has continued to record excellent performances as the win ANCOPPS Competition in education. With the outstanding feat of Anambra Golden Girls and Bronze Boys still fresh in the memory, the state has again received news of the great performance of its students in a recent national competition conducted by; the All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS) in Sokoto, Sokoto State.





Anambra State participated in the 8th July, 2019, National Congress of ANCOPPS Competition during; which a national competition for students was; conducted.


Students from Anambra State emerged first and third in the junior and senior categories respectively.

The student from Queen of the Rosary College (QRC) Onitsha, Miss Ikwelugo Chiamaka Favour, came first in the quiz competition (junior category) while the student from; Maria Regina Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Nnewi, Miss Obaa Mary Queen, came third in Essay writing in the senior category.

The excellent performances of Anambra State students are; a reflection of the dedication and quality investment in education by the Willie Obiano led Anambra State Government.

The feat of the young school girls from Regina Pacie Model Secondary School, Onitsha, remains a testament to this.

Their success reverberated all over; the world when in August 19, 2018, they shocked students from technologically advanced nations to clinch the gold in the world Technovation challenge at; Silicon Valley, earning themselves accolades and the deserving sobriquet, ‘Golden Girls’.

In a like manner, students of St John’s Secondary School, Alor, made the state proud when they took the third position in an international school debate hosted in Tunisia, March 21st to 29th, 2019.

Like the golden girls, they also became popularly known as the ‘Bronze Boys’.




Anambra’s feat in education is not a fluke but; a result of detailed and structured plan to sustain an academic standard that will encourage healthy competition among; students and also; prepare them sufficiently to compete anywhere in the world.

The standards are; firmly supported by a class of sound, qualified and well motivated professionals who serve as administrators, teachers, counselors and mentors to the students.

The provision of adequate equipment and conducive environment for learning by the Anambra state government and the prompt payment of teachers which has not failed even once for the past five years, serves as the catalyst that engenders the academic excellence that the state has become known for.

The incentives and welfare packages, unsolicited for, but provided by the state government to support, assist and motivate the teachers, spurs them to give nothing but their best.