The Obafemi Awolowo Hall of residence was attacked by armed robbers (Awo) in the University of Ibadan (UI) was; attacked by suspected armed men in the early hours of today Friday July 12th.





According to students of the institution, the armed robbers who were over; 10 in number, stormed the hall around 1am and raided for almost two hours.

The hall porters were said; to have done some inspection in the rooms by 11pm and when the students heard knocks on their doors, they thought the porters had returned and willingly opened the doors to the attackers.

At least five students are said to have sustained injuries inflicted on them by the attackers while many gadgets including phones and laptops were carted away.

”Two girls were stabbed and another was; said to have jumped from the third floor out of fear, another account says that a girl was; kidnapped by these men and found later this morning.

People were beaten and laptops, phones and other valuable carted away, most victims whose phones were stolen claimed the robbers even went as far as demanding their phone passwords, Apple ID login details and also their ATM card pins” a student said

This was so bad that it reach the school authority


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