The emergency undermining ASUU  extended as; the fragment gathering of the college speakers association blames ASUU authorities for defilement and absence of interviews in the treatment of the undertakings of the national body.



The emergency undermining the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has developed as; the chip gathering of the college speakers’ association called Congress of University Academic (CONUA) at; the end of the week demanded that its prompt need is a proper enrollment, blaming ASUU authorities for debasement and absence of meetings in the treatment of the issues of the national body.

Be that as it may, ASUU Extended  President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, has demanded that there is no part in the association, including that his senior partners and friends have kept on interceding in the issue over; the most recent two years, with the expectation that reason will win some place along the line.


Talking in a selective meeting with THISDAY at the end of the week, the National Secretary of CONUA, Dr. Henry Oripeloye, distinguished defilement, absence of responsibility, sacred infringement, absence of trust and overbearing as; the significant reason for their complaints against ASUU.

Oripeloye who likewise denied being supported as was; asserted in certain quarters, focused on that the new body was completely out to address all ills in the framework and push the instructive framework ahead for the improvement of the nation’s training segment.

He communicated the expectation that with their present move to get formal enlistment, it’s not possible for anyone; to stop the moving train.

He uncovered that one learned researcher, Professor Biodu Jeifor, had moved toward the gathering to make harmony however; after the new association had clarified its complaints, he vowed to reach ASUU and hit them up.