Hundreds of students of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University ,Yelwa Campus; staged a massive protest in the early hour of Friday,  following the scarcity of electricity; blocking the two main gates of the institution and other roads.


This, according to the protesting students followed continuous scarcity of water and perpetual absence of electricity as well as alleged exams malpractices by lecturers of the institution.

Adamu Mohammed, leader of the students told  that water scarcity and lack of electricity were; major hurdles faced in the institution.

“We have been suffering from acute scarcity of water and light to enable us read as we approach exams. However, lack of these social amenities affects those fasting at Ramadan, yet nothing has been done to address same by the school authority and that informed the protest,” said Mohammed


The protest caused serious gridlock around Yelwa axis as shop owners hurriedly closed their shops for fear of eventuality.

Apart from that, staff of the university were; denied access to the premises while secondary school students of the University were; also left stranded.

When contacted Mr. Zailani Bappa, the university spokesman, he confirmed that there has been water and electrical problems recently in the institution.

He said those challenges were; caused by the explosion of the main transformer supplying electricity to the students.

Bappa assured that already, the management had procured a brand new transformer which was; on the way, after which it will be; installed in few a days.

On exams malpractices as alleged by the students, Bappa urged them to always contact various committees in appropriate places to channel their grievances instead of using campaign of calumny to divert public attention.