There is an old proverb from Wales that says ‘an Green Apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

Green Apple is one of the most popular and cultivated fruits in the world. Apple is generally known as a miracle fruit.


One of the special things that makes green apple to be so important is because it consists of fibre, proteins, minerals and vitamins which helps to prevent problems of digestion and regulation of the blood glucose.

green apply

Green apple covered in water droplets isolated against a white background


Below are some of the amazing health benefits of Green apple

  1. Increases metabolism

The high fibre content present in green apples helps in bowel movement regulations in the stomach. This aids in digestive system processes and it helps to increase the metabolism of the body. So, always eat apple peels and don’t through them away.

  1. Lower cholesterol

Green apples have a very high level of fiber in its contents.

The high fiber present in green apples helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body

  1. Fights against ageing

There are other added benefits in green apples. They aid in the reduction of ageing and improve the overall beauty of the skin. Green apples also give the skin proper treatment and removes to  great extent dark circles.

  1. Reduces chance of colon cancer

The high fiber content present in green apples enables it to be a good fruits that helps in reducing the chance of having a colon cancer.

  1. Control of appetite

Green apples help in giving the body a good appetite. The organic secrete acid in green apples helps to fight against parasites in the intestine that causes loss of appétit. So, if you are the type that easily loss your appetite, just eat a green apple and you will get back your appetite.

  1. Good for the bones and teeth

Green apples are also rich in calcium contents and this calcium contents helps in building the bone and teeth. Eating green apples continuously can make your teeth and bones to be very strong and healthy.

  1. Gives energy

Green apples contain carbohydrates and they are a good source of energy. eating green apples everyday can generate energy for you to do more work.

I hope you have learnt something today. Don’t forget to always add green apples to your diet in order to acquire the above mentioned benefits