List of Best Staffing Agencies to Help You Kick Start Your Job Search.



Best Staffing Agencies: It is no longer news that the job market today is nearly unrecognizable from its form three months ago. Do you also believe that even in the trend of best staffing companies that there are still best ones that can still work for you? Don’t be in doubt because I will list them right here for you.

Do you know at the point when I was desperately searching for my first job out of college, I had a dream of working with a Hollywood-style specialist who might do all the legwork of discovering managers who coordinated my range of abilities and interests, leaving me to make the most of my available time.



Much to my dismay, that previously existed and basically any job searcher can get to this assistance, regularly for no expense at all. Staffing agencies are committed to interfacing job searchers with the correct organizations and positions, ordinarily with no forthright charge.


Not all staffing agencies are made equivalent, however the best ones offer a customized, responsive, and lovely experience for job searchers. In any case, with so a wide range of options to browse, how would you locate the correct one?

I’ve gathered together the elite of staffing agencies that are profoundly appraised on several websites, with rave reviews from job searchers for sure. On the off chance that you need a new job and somebody to assist you with landing it, check one of these extraordinary companies.

Want to work for these organizations internally, helping individuals secure their fantasy jobs? A considerable lot of them are hiring in-house positions also!


1. Green Key Resources
Company Rating: 4.5

Where Hiring: New York, NY; Melville, NY; Orlando, FL; Chicago, IL; Rockville, MD, and many more.

Specialty: Positions in accounting-finance, healthcare nursing & allied health, pharmaceutical, financial service operations, alternative asset management, information technology, attorney placement, office/legal support, and human resources

What Job Seekers Say: “I recently worked with a recruiter while looking for my next position. This person by far was the most professional recruiter I have worked within my career.

He really cared about getting the right position for me and was always available to me via email or a phone call. I highly recommend Green Key above any other recruiting firm.” —Current Computer Engineer


2. The Bachrach Group
Company Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: New York, NY; Owensboro, KY; Nashville, TN; Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA, and many more.
Specialty: Accounting & Finance, Financial Services, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Administrative, Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Legal, Healthcare, Office Support, Sales & Marketing, HR, Executive Search

What Job Seekers Say: “They will find a match that’s a great fit for you, AND they will stick with you through the whole process. Their follow through and follow up are fantastic, very professional, and organized.

They really make the transition into a new position very easy and stress-free. I love my job, thanks to them!” —Current Marketing Specialist

3. Eliassen Group
Company Rating: 4.5

Where Hiring: Rocky Hill, CT; Cincinnati, OH; Alexandria, VA; Durham, NC; Rockville, MD, and many more.

Specialty: Positions in Agile, Biometrics & Data Solutions, Creative Services, Government Services, Life Sciences, and Workforce Management

What Job Seekers Say: “The Company pays a lot of attention to keeping their consultants happy. I was always supported by Eliassen Group while I was at my client.

They give opportunities to you to enhance your experience by enabling you to teach workshops/training.” —Former Senior Scrum Master

4. Sunbelt Staffing
Company Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: Flora Vista, NM; North Pole, AK; Colorado Springs, CO; Oneill, NE; Huntington, WV, and many more.

Specialty: Nurse and school therapy positions

What Job Seekers Say: “Great pay and always there for you when you need them?” —Former Employee

5. Fusion Medical Staffing
Company Rating: 4.9

Where Hiring: Bowling Green, KY; Saint Louis, MO; Terre Haute, IN; Cumberland, MD; Tucson, AZ, and many more.

Specialty: Pathologists’ assistants, medical technologists, histotechs, phlebotomists, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physicians, and nurses in hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and home health

What Job Seekers Say: “One of the best reasons for working with Fusion medical staffing is the 24/7 support with live friendly people. Even though I am over a thousand miles away it feels like they are right there with me every step of the way!

They also spend time trying to get to know you and match the job opportunity with you. They are a great group of people to work with and have a lot of exceptional services they provide their employees.” —Current Employee


6. Vitamin T
Company Rating: 4.4

Where Hiring: Los Angeles, CA; Detroit, MI; Bellevue, WA; Englewood Cliffs, NJ; Dallas, TX, and many more.

Specialty: “Vitamin T connects amazing digital creative talent with awesome mid-sized companies and ad agencies.”

What Job do Seekers Say: “Fantastic agency? I’ve worked through two other agencies in the DC/VA area in the past 8 years – and Vitamin T is hands down the best.

Great people, efficient, my rep is a gem, and they really care about their talent. Vitamin T connected me with a client of their (a large, well-known organization) and the experience has been flawless.” —Current Contractor

7. Roth Staffing
Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Orange, CA; Tempe, AZ; Addison, TX; Downers Grove, IL; Frederick, MD, and more.

Specialty: N/A

What Job Seekers Say: “Always on time with the assignments [.] Max and Samantha are the greatest”! —Current Senior Accounts Payable Employee

8. Voca
Company Rating: 4.5

Where Hiring: Las Vegas, NV; Grand Rapids, MI; Omaha, NE; Eugene, OR; Milwaukee, WI, and many more.

Specialty: Health, professional, legal, financial, creative, technology

What Job Seekers Say: “All staff is very professional. The salary was excellent.” —Former Administrative Assistant

9. WinterWyman
Company Rating: 4.3

Where Hiring: New York, NY; Boston, MA

Specialty: Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, and Technology

What Job Seekers Say: “Painless communication; quick to respond?” —Former Employee

10. Mission Essential Personnel
Company Rating: 4.3

Where Hiring: Columbus, OH; Fairfax, VA; Molesworth, England; Devens, MA; Suitland, MD, and many more.

Specialty: Aerospace & Defense

What Job Seekers Say: “I have had a very positive experience with ME. Every level of interaction was positive. My recruiter provided an accurate description of the position that I was interested in. The interview process was quick and thorough.

I felt confident in the competence of the team that I worked with. The HR department was very proactive and responded to my questions in a timely manner.” —Current Employee

11. Equity Staffing Solutions
Company Rating: 3.7

Where Hiring: West Columbia, SC; Wilmington, DE; Omaha, NE; Hartford, CT; Sparks, NV, and many more.

Specialty: Office/clerical, professional and industrial staffing

What Job Seekers Say: “They basically give you the job!! All you have to do is pass all the interviews. Easy work, but very long hours a day. (10+ hours a day) Paid Every Week!! Easy money. Can prove yourself and get hired on full time.” —Former Employee

12. PrideStaff
Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Birmingham, AL; Beaverton, OR; Akron, OH; Greenville, SC; Amityville, NY, and many more.

Specialty: Office support, finance and accounting, light industrial, legal support, telemarketing, and customer service

What Job Seekers Say: “I started working with Pridestaff out of college and almost immediately found a good job with them. They are proactive and care about your success!! I highly recommend their services. Easy to work with. Incredibly good at getting you interviews with different companies. Cares about getting you a job and making sure it’s something you like.” —Current Employee

13. CareSource Technology Group
Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Salem, OR; Portland, OR; Tualatin, OR, and more.

Specialty: Technology

What Job Seekers Say: “Great company to work through, very responsive and friendly staff. I have always appreciated the staff and their efforts to get the best contract terms, bill rates, etc. Any needs I’ve had are always quickly addressed.

Benefit offerings are among the best in this type of employment relationship, I especially appreciate the options beyond standard health insurance.” —Current Employee


14. LaSalle Network
Company Rating: 4.1

Where Hiring: Schaumburg, IL; Nashville, TN; Boston, MA; Columbus, GA; Deming, NM, and many more.

Specialty: Accounting and Finance, Technology, Office Services, Call Center, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain, Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Executive Search

What Job Seekers Say: “I took several years off of work to be at home with my child. When coming back into the working world, I decided to start with a staffing company. They welcomed me in, they found me a job that fit what I wanted to do and close to the pay I asked for.” — Current Customer Service Representative

Working remotely still poses challenges. Slack’s study shows concerns about isolation from colleagues and difficulties maintaining relationships, and employers need to address such issues.

But the takeaway is clear. Companies that give employees a choice about where and when they work will succeed and define the norm, and what we are calling the New Normal will soon become merely normal.

This could also serve as an opportunity for your friends, share it with them too and you won’t regret you did.