Students should be aware of atm fraud We really need to caution our children especially our children in the university.





As at now a young man of 19 atm fraud and is in the custody of the police (SARS) for a crime he knows nothing about.


He’s a student of BIU. The story is that a friend of his in school approached him that he’s having problems with his ATM so he should give him his account number Which the boy innocently did.

He said someone sent N2000 for the friend. Which he withdrew with his ATM and gave to the friend days later 25,000 was sent then he asked his friend if he gave his account number to someone to send money, the friend said yes his father.

They both went to the bank as he tried withdrawing with the ATM his card was; seized he then said they should go into d bank to withdraw the money so he could at least retrieve his card the friend then said he wants to go to the chapel to pray that if he withdraws the money he’ll collect it from him later. The young man not suspecting anything entered the bank and as; he attempted withdrawing the money, he was detained and later arrested by the police.

It was later confirmed that the money sent was; part of a ransom money for a 2-year old child kidnapped in Nasarawa.

The boy told the police all he knew. The police went to the school authorities only to be told the friend has been; suspended from school for stealing a laptop. As far as they know the parents of the boy came to pick him up to Benue where they live.

The police still has the boy in custody.

The kidnapped baby is still not found and the boy that collected the boy’s account for the ransom is still at large.

Mothers warn your children; on no account should they give out their account number to anyone