Benue state

A boat carrying between 23 and 28 passengers across Benue State in the River Benue capsized scores whose bodies have not been seen.

Benue state

Most of the victims are said to be Christians heading for an annual convention in a part of the state  The police confirm the incident as rescuers remain busy trying to recover the victims

A major tragedy was reported in Benue state, northern Nigeria, in the evening of Sunday, July 7, as a boat said to be carrying scores of people capsized killing many.

onboard and that the victims were members of ECAN Church Ijaha located in Makurdi local government travelling across the River Benue.

According to the report, just one corpse from the incident had been recovered as of late Sunday, July 7 as divers and other rescuers are working hard to get the victims. The police also said its marine personnel were carrying out rescue operations at the scene of the accident.

According to The Nation, the accident which took place at the lane leading to Berger reportedly left many persons dead. Moreover, the tragedy caused serious gridlock that extended to the road linking the Lagos state secretariat in Alausa.

The police also said its marine personnel Sunday, July 7 as divers