In accordance with the BUK students dress code  University’s job of preparing understudies in both character and adapting, all understudies should dress adequately in understanding/consistence with the Bayero University, Kano Dress Code.



Appropriately, worthy and good BUK students dress code is any kind of dress worn by an understudy, that covers the body from top of the shoulders to halfway between the knee and the lower leg, and it must not be tight fitting or straightforward.

In particular, the clothing regulation precludes disgusting dressing, for example,

1. Short, without any protection and sticking dress


2. Shorts and three quarter pants (aside from donning reason)

3. Worn out pants and those with gaps

4. Straightforward dresses

5. Tight fitting dresses for example pants and skirts that uncover body bends; this is additionally appropriate to privately sewn dresses, for example, skirts and shirts

6. Wearing just under apparel, for example, singlet in broad daylight places

7. Wearing “Swagger” and additionally Sagging pants

8. Dresses, for example, skirts, which have long cuts that uncover delicate body parts

9. Dresses and vests with revolting and profane engravings as well as pictures

10. Dress without catches, or not appropriately secured, uncovering exposed chest

11. Wearing jackboots, washroom shoes and some other shoes with profane engraving

12. Shades in address rooms and theaters with the exception of on medicinal grounds

13. Plaiting/weaving, perming of hair and utilization of hoops and chain and armlets by male understudies.

14. Utilization of military and para-military disguise by understudies on grounds

15. Whatever other dressing that repudiates, respectability, propriety and great taste of the network.

Understudies should take note of that, these restrictions apply wherever on the grounds. What’s more, understudies are bound by the particular clothing standard of their Faculties, Departments or Professional purposes for living.

Guilty parties will be Sanctioned as Appropriate.