Canada Government Jobs for foreigners

Work permit Jobs in Canada 2021 for foreigners

Getting a Canadian government jobs is much easier when you have a work permit, but it is faster when you apply or secure employment for an occupation that is currently in demand.

Canada is constantly in search of skilled workers and most times unskilled workers who can fill out vacant positions in Canada.

So, if you are a young skilled worker or a more advanced seasoned worker looking for where to find the best job and employment opportunities, you can find just what you are looking for in Canada’s job market.

The pandemic outbreak in 2020 left the Canadian job market short of workers in a different field. As a result, Canada did announce its plans to welcome over 400,000 newcomers this year to help fill up the vacant position and to boost the countries financial and economic system.

Following these announcements, several skilled and unskilled jobs are now being demanded at both provincial and federal levels.

This year started on a right track with more than 5000 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) issued in the month of January alone. This means that there are still plenty more invitations to come and the future looks bright for immigrants and Canada as well.

Industries in Canada are growing very fast, thus more skilled workers are constantly in demand to meet up with standards. Immigrants with the right skills can actually be sponsored to come to Canada to work with your work permit visa issued to you prior to your arrival.

There are also unskilled jobs in Canada that present immigrants who do not have certificates to immigrate to Canada with a sponsored work permit. So, with the right skill, you can find jobs in Canada with visa sponsorships such as farm jobs, hotel jobs, and so on.

What you have to do first is to ensure you have the skillset and work experience and in no time, you will find a job in Canada that offers you a work permit or a Canadian employer that can sponsor you to Canada.

We have compiled a list of work permit jobs in Canada to make things easy for you. You can also check out the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list to get a good idea as to which province your skill is most needed in.

Top 20 Canada Government Jobs for foreigners

  1. Sales Representative: The pay scale for a Sale Representative ranges from 52,000$ CAD to 64,000$ CAD
  2. Administrative assistant: The pay scale for an administrative assistant range from $43,875 To 52,000$
  3. Customer support consultant: The pay scale for a customer support consultant range from $34,125 To 55,000$
  4. Gross sales affiliate: The pay scale for a Gross sales affiliate ranges from $37, 050 To 73,000$
  5. Driver: The pay scale for a Driver range from $44,234 To 62,000$
  6. Accounts payable and receivable clerk: The pay scale for an Accounts payable and receivable clerk range from $34,750 To 62,000$
  7. Registered nurse: The pay scale for a Registered nurse ranges from $80,126 To 105,000$
  8. Venture supervisor: The pay scale for a Venture supervisor ranges from $90,675 To 125,000$
  9. Common laborer: The pay scale for a Common laborer range from $31,919 To 58,000$
  10. Welder: The pay scale for a Welder ranges from $43,875 To 72,000$
  11. Electrical engineer: The pay scale for an Electrical engineer ranges from $74,997 To 92,000$
  12. Software program developer: The pay scale for a Software program developer ranges from $85, 600 To 115,000$
  13. Merchandiser: The pay scale for a Merchandiser ranges from $31,346 To 52,000$
  14. Accountant: The pay scale for an Accountant ranges from $58, 500 To 72,000$
  15. HR supervisor: The pay scale for an HR supervisor ranges from $78, 975 To 100,000$
  16. Monetary advisor: The pay scale for a Monetary advisor ranges from $77, 739To 102,000$ CAD
  17. Information Technology Project Manager: The pay scale for an Information Technology Project Manager ranges from 90,000 $ CAD to 1, 14, 000 $ CAD.
  18. Steamfitter and Pipefitter: The pay scale for an HR supervisor ranges from 41,000 $CAD to 68,000 $CAD
  19. Recruitment Specialists: The pay scale for a Recruitment Specialists ranges from 59,000 $CAD to 71,000 $CAD
  20. Veterinarian: The pay scale for a veterinarian ranges from 59,000 $CAD to 71,000 $CAD.

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