You must have a polite negotiation with your PPA and make them see reasons why you can work with them.


You have to provide reasonable excuses to them because many PPA will not reject you especially if its a private school.

So it can be; very difficult and sometimes impossible for them to reject you by simply negotiating with them. But if you have enough excuses to help your request, you may be; lucky.

Its also a bit easier to negotiate for rejection with public schools than private because many schools won’t be; willing to provide all the required amenities needed for you, you can use than use that as an advantage to be; rejected.

Another way to make NYSC change your PPA is; to complain to the NYSC office when your PPA has refused to reject you. You do that by writing a complain letter to them about your PPA and request for a change.


If the accommodation given to you is; not worth it, your payment is ridiculous if there is a threat to your life, you will make everything known to them and submit to NYSC. they will get you another place of primary assignment to accommodate you for the next one.

TO get yours changed like that is not easy because many corpers use lies to reject their PPA. NYSC no longer known what to believe and therefore rejects many requests foe change.