Cheap and Affordable Courses in Canada

Cheap and Affordable Courses in Canada

Cheapest Graduate Courses in Canada

If you intend to do your master’s in Canada, you will also need to find cheap universities and courses to help reduce the cost you’d pay. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to study in Canada for free if you are international student, but with a scholarship, grant, and applying for cheap courses, you will almost be studying for free.

University  CoursesCost
University of Guelph  General programs in arts and humanities   $3,363$7,221.73   $7,221.73   $10,510.55   $7,279.73   $7,226.73
Université de Saint-Boniface  Master’s programs (2 years) Master’s programs (1 year) Master of Science in Medicine (Applied Health Services Research) Doctoral programs$9,666   $6,654   $12,000     $17,988
Canadian Mennonite UniversityGraduate courses*  $10,369 / term
University of CalgaryGraduate program (thesis-based program)    CAD 12,695.88
University of SaskatchewanMaster of Science – Finance   Master of Science – Marketing   Master of Public Health (thesis-based) Master of Arts in Economics Co-op   Masters and Ph.D. – Environment and SustainabilityCAD 3,950.00   CAD 3,950.00     CAD 2,054.00     CAD 790.00     CAD 2,580.14

Cheapest Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Canada


The list below shows the cost of cheap diploma courses in Canada you can apply for today. You should know that even with these courses it could still be very expensive to study in Canada when you add the cost for flight expenses, accommodation costs, and general living expenses.  The cheap courses can help stir you up in the right direction at least.  

MCMASTER UNIVERSITY       Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner               1 year3,217 EUR/year
UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEGMarketing Management2 years8,428 EUR/year
UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEGFinancial Management2 years8,428 EUR/year
MCMASTER UNIVERSITYAdvanced Neonatal Nursing1 year9,798 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEComputer Systems Technology – Networking (Fast-Track)2 years11,382 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEBiotechnology (Fast-Track)1 year11,382 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEComputer Systems Technician – Networking (Fast-Track)1 year11,382 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEEnergy Systems Engineering Technology (Fast-Track)2 years11,382 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEEnvironmental Technician (Fast-Track)1 year11,382 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEBiotechnology – Advanced (Fast-Track)2 years11,382 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEMechanical Engineering Technician – Design (Fast-Track)1 year11,382 EUR/year
CENTENNIAL COLLEGEElectro-Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics (Fast-Track)2 years11,382 EUR/year
UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEGHuman Resource Management1 year13,024 EUR/year
UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEGProject Management1 year13,230 EUR/year
UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEGWeb Development1 year15,434 EUR/year
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY MONTRÉALChartered Professional Accountancy (CPA)2 years16,795 EUR/year
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