Every child learning has different ways of learning. Some learn fast when they learn from their peers, some learn quite well when they are; alone and some learn very well when they are with a private home tutor.

good home teacher

Getting a good private home tutor can be a bit difficult, but if you get one child learning the efforts you put is not a waste.


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Below are factors to consider to see in a very good home tutor and child learning.

1. How experienced is the home tutor?

The first factor you would have to take in hiring a good home tutor is hiring someone with good experience in teaching that subject. Experience speaks a lot about the home tutor. Experience also shows that the home has had quite a number of students that have excelled under his name.

2. The Tutor Must Have Good Communication Skills

Another factor to consider when hiring a good home tutor and child learning is the communication skills of the tutor. Communication is an important factor in one on one tutoring.

The English proficiency of the home tutor has to be checked by the person hiring the tutor to ensure there is no language barrier between the person to be taught and the home teacher.

3. The home tutor must be passionate


The last point here is to get a tutor that has a passion for the subject he teaches and should also be passionate to teach the subject also. The goal of every good tutor is to make the student develop a passion for the subject.