1. Abraham is portrayed in the Bible as (A) the miracle worker (B) the lion of Judah (C) the giver of the laws (D) the father of the faithful (E) the mighty prophet of Jehovah
  2. Moses led the children of Israel through the (A) Sahara desert (B) lions’ den (C) dead sea (D) valley of the shadow of death (E) red sea
  3. Which of the following people was one of the most outstanding Kings of Israel after the division of the Kingdom? (A) King Herod (B) Pharaoh (C) Sennacherib (D) Jeroboam (E) Tiglath – Pileser
  4. Who among the following was sold to the Ishmaelites for twenty shekels because of his dreams?

(A) Moses (B) Joseph (C) Jacob (D) Ishmael (E) Minahem of Israel

  1. The Ten Commandments were delivered to the children of Israel through Moses while they were

(A) in Egypt (B) in the land of Midian (C) at Mount Sinai (D) in the Promised Land (E) Near Jerico

  1. Why was Saul pleased when he was told that his daughter, Michal, was in love with David? (A) Michal was already getting too old to marry (B) Jonathan, David’s friend, was Michal’s brother (C) He would get a handsome marriage present from David (D) He thought that Michal might be a snare for David (E) He would send David to destroy the Philistines
  2. Moses was nursed by ……. (A) Pharaoh’s daughter (B) his sister (C) his mother (D) Shiphrah (E) Puah
  3. Joseph’s brothers were at …. When they conspired to kill him (A) Shechem (B) Dothan (C) Bethel (D) Gilead (E) Beer-sheba
  4. God change the name of Abraham’s wife from Sarai to Sarah when ……(A) God commanded Abraham to go the land of Canaan (B) Abraham had come to the land of Canaan (C) Sarah gave birth to Isaac (D) God made a covenant with Abraham (E) Sarah was ninety-nine years old
  5. Amos condemned the women of Samaria and called them …… of Bashan (A) sheep (B) oxen (C) goats (D) cows (E) horses
  6. God made two great lights to (A) shine upon the earth (B) rule the day and the night (C) demarcate between the day and the night (D) give light to the world
  7. God commanded the earth to bring forth living creatures according to their kinds on the (A) 3rd day (B) 4th day (C) 5th day (D) 6th day
  8. When God heard the groaning of the people of Israel in Egypt, He (A) got angry with the Pharaoh
    • sent a warning to the Pharaoh (C) remembered His covenant with Abraham (D) plagued the Egyptians with drought
  9. The golden calf which Aaron made for Israel was an evidence of (A) lack of faith in God (B) loss of confidence in Moses (C) a plot to replace Moses (D) an attempt to revolt against God
  10. “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness?” this question was asked by the Israelites when (A) they were hungry in the wilderness (B) there was no water for them to drink (C) the spies brought evil reports about Canaan (D) the Egyptians marched after them
  11. The vision which Peter saw directing him to go to the house of Cornelius was to (A) demonstrate the power of God (B) prepare the apostle for evangelism (C) extend the gospel to the Gentiles (D)prevent the persecution of the disciples (
  12. According to Mark, the preaching of John the Baptist centred on (A) a rebuke of the scribes for misinterpreting the law (B) a call on the Jews to forsake idolatry (C) baptism and good works (D) repentance for the forgiveness of sins
  13. Before the feeding of the five thousand people, the disciples told Jesus to send the people away because (A) there was no place for them to buy food (B) they could not get enough food for them

(C) it was late in the evening (D) they were hungry and tired

  1. According to Matthew, the disciples of Jesus fell on their faces during the Transfiguration when (A) Jesus’ garment became white (B) they heard a voice from the cloud (C) Jesus’ face shone like the sun (D) they saw Moses and Elijah
  2. Hosea said that when Israel returned to the Lord, they would dwell (A) among nations peacefully
    • in His house for ever (C) beneath without His shadow (D) in Jerusalem without molestation
  3. According to Luke, the Transfiguration of Jesus took place on the mountain while He was (A) talking with an angel (B) preaching (C) teaching the disciples (D) praying
  4. After Peter was released from prison by an angel, he went to the of house of (A) Mary, mother of Mark (B) Salome (C) Mary, mother of James (D) Martha
  5. “Follow me, and i will make fishers of men” the statement above was made by Jesus to Simon Peter and Andrew when they were at the (A) River Jordan (B) Great Sea (C) Sea of Galilee (D) Red Sea
  6. The qualifications of the deacons appointed by the disciples were (A) righteousness and faithfulness (B) good repute, full of the spirit and wisdom (C) faithfulness and wisdom (D) good repute, prayerfulness and full of the Spirit
  7. The father of the prodigal son welcome him back home because (A) he had compassion on his son (B) the son confessed his sin (C) he had missed his son for a long time (D) he wondered how wretched his son had become
  8. According to John, the Jews who sent the priests and the Levites to find out who John the Baptist was, were the (A) scribes (B) Sadducees (C) zealots (D) Pharisees
  9. Jesus drove away from the Temple because they (A) disrespected the house of God (B) were Pharisees who hated His disciples (C) did not join the women who was Caesar’s (D) did not give to Caesar what was Caesar’s
  10. The prayer of Jesus was that God should raise Lazarus from the dead so that (A) Lazarus’ life would be restored (B) the people standing by would believe that God sent Him (C) the people would honour Him as the Son of God (D) the name of God might be glorify
  11. According to John, those who believe in the light will become (A) agents of light (B) people of light (C) light of life (D) sons of light
  12. “…… I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, whatever you bind on earth shall be bind in heaven, the incident that preceded Jesus’ declaration above was the (A) great confession by Peter
    • mission of the seventy (C) feeding of the four thousand (D) feeding of the five thousand
  13. In Timothy, Paul urges Christians to pray for kings and those in authority for the achievement of (A) a successful Christian life (B) godly and acceptable life (C) peace and exaltation in life (D) quiet and peaceable life
  14. According to Galatians, one of the benefits of being a joint heir with Christ is having His Spirit in (A) worship (B) the heart (C) the body (D) prayers
  15. According to Ephesians, children who obey their parents in the Lord will (A) be happy (B) go to heaven (C) have long life (D) be great
  16. According to Thessalonians, the day of the Lord will not come unless the (A) living die first (B) scoffers come first (C) dead rise first (D) rebellion comes first
  17. In Romans, Paul condemned sin taking over mortal bodies in the new life as instruments of (A) greediness (B) wickedness (C) sadness (D) foolishness
  18. In his teaching on partiality, James declares that mercy triumphs over (A) judgement (B) righteousness (C) grace (D) faith
  19. In Paul’s arrangement of the spiritual gifts in Corinthians, the last is (A) the utterance of wisdom
    • interpretation of tongues (C) gifts of healing (D) various kinds of tongues
  20. In His sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that the poor in spirit are blessed for they would (A) be satisfied (B) be comforted on the last day (C) inherit the kingdom of heaven (D) inherit the earth
  21. According to Matthew, the stone on the tomb of Jesus was removed by (A) an angel (B) a Roman soldier (C) Mary Magdalene (D) Peter and John
  22. Angel Gabriel told Zachariah that he would become dumb until John was born because he (A) looked down on the Angel (B) was advanced in age (C) disagreed with Elizabeth, his wife (D) did not believe God’s words
  23. “….but should write to them to abstain from the pollutions of idols and from unchastity and from what is strangled and from blood….”

The statement above was made at the Council of Jerusalem by (A) Philip (B) Simon (C) James (D)


  1. In the country of the Gerasenes, Jesus healed the (A) man possessed of demons (B) paralytic at the pool (C) leper (D) blind man
  2. Following the death of Stephen, the only group of believers not scattered by the great persecution was the (A) deacons (B) apostles (C) prophets (D) disciples
  3. According to Luke, when Moses and Elijah appeared during the Transfiguration, they spoke of Jesus’ (A) departure (B) second coming (C) resurrection (D) trials
  4. The baptism of Jesus by John in River Jordan was to (A) convince others that John was His forerunner (B) ensure that proper baptism must be in river (C) service as an example (D) fulfill all righteousness
  5. Herod was delighted to see Jesus because he had heard of Him for so long and wanted to (A) send Him to Rome (B) sentence Him to death (C) see Him perform miracle (D) make Him his friend
  6. “Do you understand what you are reading?” ‘

Philip asked the Ethiopian eunuch the question above when he found him reading the book of (A)

Hosea (B) Ezekiel (C) Jeremiah (D) Isaiah

  1. “Unbind him, and let him go.”

The statement was made by Jesus when (A) He raised to life the dead Lazarus (B) He healed the son of the widow at Nain (C) He healed the centurion’s servant (D) a boy bound by Satan was brought to Him

  1. In Luke, at the Last Supper, Jesus revealed His (A) resurrection (B) imminent sufferings (C) love for His disciples (D) ascension
  2. The good shepherd according to Jesus is one who (A) lays down his life for his sheep (B) goes about with his sheep (C) keeps many healthy sheep (D) feeds his sheep in green pastures


1. E   9.  D   17. D 25. A 33. C 41. D  49. B
2. A 10. D      18. C 26. D 34. D 42. A  50. A
3. D 11. B   19. B 27. A 35. B 43. D
4. B 12. D      20. C 28. B 36. A 44. A
5. B 13. C      21. D 29. D 37. B 45. D
6. D 14. B      22. A 30. A 38. A 46. C
7. C 15. D      23. C 31. D 39. A 47. D
8. B 16. C      24. B 32. B 40. D   48. A