Corpers Accused Education Ministry / Nysc of Embezzlement.

am putting this out here so that the whole world can have a hint of what is happening and what is; about to happen in Nasarawa state Nigeria. I am also putting this here so that the whole world will bear us witness when heads will roll and when Corpers stage a massive protest that may be detrimental to the welfare of the Government officials and NYSC officials involved in this massive fraud.


It has been the routine in Nasarawa state that corpers are paid 5,000 Naira every month due to their hardwork and as an avenue for the state to appreciate them due to the remote places some of them serve. It is also on record that in Nasarawa this year, about 7 Corpers lost their lives to very horrible situations. 2 drowned in Lafia, 2 died in Toto, 1 died in Doma while another 2 died in Nasarawa LGA. Even one Corper was kidnapped in Udege local government and was released of recent due to the intervention of the DG of NYSC in the person of Brigadier Kazaure. Because the state government is; aware of what serving members pass through while serving their fatherland, they made it mandatory to be paying Corpers a stipend of 5,00 Naira every month. This has been the situation for over 10 years.

Now to the matter at hand. Since last year the Batch B stream one Corpers started serving, the state government has been releasing money for the payment of Corpers in the state. So far so good, the Nasarawa state government has released the money in 3 tranches totaling 50,000 Naira. But the ministry of education in connivance with some top NYSC officials have been doing a very terrible and criminally horrible thing.

They criminally went and altered the list of Current serving corpers in Nasarawa and Submitted fake names to the state government. Currently, there are over 2,000 corpers serving in Batch B stream one in Nasarawa state. If you times 50,000 by 2,000 Corpers, that is; over a 100 million Naira! Sadly, Up to 80% are not being payed. Over 80 million Naira has been embezzled by officials of the ministry of education in connivance with some NYSC officials especially NYSC officials in Lafia and Keffi LGA Corpers have tried all diplomatic channels to get them to do the right thing but they refused. For the past 10 months, we have pleaded, asked and begged them to release our money to us but they refused.


As it is now, the state governor is not aware that the money he released to corpers have been; embezzled and stolen because the NYSC officials and some criminal elements within; the state ministry see themselves as sacred cows that nothing can be; done to. Among the principal actors in this very demonic and horrible criminal act are the following persons

(1) The State coordinator of NYSC and her workers in Nasarawa state. (They are among those that submitted over 80% fake names to the government of Nasarawa state)

(2) The Local Inspector of Keffi Zone.

(3) An official within the ministry of education who goes by the name Coach

(4) Some principals of notable schools within Nasarawa state.

As it is now, the Batch B stream one Corpers are passing out tomorrow being the 2nd of November 2017. They will hand over their ID cards. The implication is that they will no longer have an evidence that they were once Corpers. This is the grand plan of these NYSC officials and officials within; the education ministry in order to cover up their criminal theft.

Please the whole world and Nigerians should help us. Anybody that has the Phone number of the Governor of Nasarawa state or any Powerful; and honest official within the Nasarawa state government should please tag him and help us inform him. It has been a terrible experience.

Am putting this here because it has to do with massive fraud, development and welfare of Nigerians. Within this state are all tribes people both Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ijaw, Ibibio. Tiv, Idoma, Urhobo Itsekiri etc who have come from far and wide. Most of them are depending on this money to go back to the far destinations they come from.