Cyril Ramaphosa reveals plans to build a new university

He’s stayed a bit quiet on the details, but Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed his government will look to build at least one more new university in SA.


The learners of Mzansi may just have another avenue to explore when they leave school. Cyril Ramaphosa told guests attending his speech in Tshwane that his administration wants to build a brand new university somewhere in South Africa, drawing rapturous applause from the Lyttelton City Hall crowd.

This was; part of his broader speech, which tackled everything from the scourge of ANC corruption to the fight for votes on Wednesday 8 May – the elections take place in less than two months’ time. The president didn’t dwell on the proposed university for too long, with details being kept firmly under wraps. As quoted by IOL, Ramaphosa stated:

We want our people to rekindle their love affair with the ANC. Now there is a new rejuvenation and new affinity that has developed. We want to build more universities. One is already in the works now. We are going to build another university soon.

Cyril Ramaphosa on South Africa’s new university

The president’s ambitious promise has left people wondering where the proposed new build – or “builds”, given Ramaphosa’s own pluralisation in his speech – will end up.



It remains to be; seen if the new campus will go somewhere that already has; an establish student base; – the likes of Cape Town and Johannesburg boast multiple tertiary education options. Then there are; also towns like Rustenburg and Richard’s Bay which currently have no universities but would be; an attractive option for school graduates.

Youngest universities in South Africa

The most recently-opened ones in South Africa went public in 2013 and 2014. Sol Plaatjie University offered learners the chance to study in Kimberley, Northern Cape. The facility aims to take in 7 500 students in the near future.

Their ambition is; matched by the University of Mpumalanga, which has a campus in Mbombela. Both institutions are technical learning houses, and their main language of instruction is English.