Why Dating Isn’t Good While In Campus

Being in a relationship in campus is like having an itchy blister on your butt; It’s even worse when the person you are dating is in the same campus as you.


Dating someone from your campus will be more of a struggle than true love. You will strain to ensure the bond is still strong. No one is ever ready for questions like, “I don’t see you both together, are you still dating?”

People will be up on your business and make you feel as if you are some sort of a god – they will look motivated to be in love, some will even give you ideas on how to make the love blossom, not until things go south and your sweet relationship turns sour. “I knew he wasn’t good for you! I just didn’t want to kill your vibe,” Some will finally open up.


The Kenyan adage goes ”Some relationship are just held together tightly because the lovebirds don’t want to disappoint the ‘audience’.

Temptations are no exception. It so happens that when you are single, no one comes your way. Your inbox remains dry, as dry spell hits you so mercilessly. Then when you finally get into a relationship, the devil tends to bring all those hunks and cuties on your trail, many of them.

Among the many components of a relationship, commitment is the hardest task. Your attention and time is either flooded on your bae or on your friends. If you give much of it to your friends, bae complains, and vice versa.

It’s just funny how everyone will expect you to be like Juliet and Romeo or rather, like Maria and Alijandro. Everyone anticipates the couple goals from you. The struggles behind the scene is just a story untold to them.

It’s just a struggle, if not a trap, being in a relationship in campus.