Any hope of Governor Obaseki contesting in the APC primary for the Edo governorship election has been dashed by the party – The appeal committee of the party claimed that Obaseki has two certificates from the same university



The committee also noted that it is difficult to vouch for the authenticity of the governor’s NYSC certificate
Any hope of Governor Godwin Obaseki contesting in the APC primary for the Edo governorship election was dashed after the appeal committee of the party said there were blatant inconsistencies in the governor’s certificates.

The committee when upholding the decision of the screening panel which disqualified Obaseki said the governor had two certificates with separate dates from the same graduateThe APC appeals committee has said that Governor Obaseki has two certificates with different dates. Photo credits:


UGC The appeal committee also stated that it was difficult to vouch for the authenticity of his NYSC certificate.Since his disqualification, from the APC primary Governor Obaseki has become a darling target for the state opposition parties including Action Democratic Party (ADP) but with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) likely to be his next political destination.

The battle of wits continues to highlight the race for the soul of the south-south state, the Edo governor faces a tricky hurdle of being received with an open arm by PDP members. Three aspirants have been cleared by the party to vie for the ticket as PDP may likely hold its primary election on Friday, June June 19. It said there was no indication as to where Obaseki served during his purported NYSC days.

Meanwhile, as Governor Godwin Obaseki seeks a new political fortress in his bid to govern Edo state for and

here are ongoing rumours that the governor may defect from APC ahead of PDP primary election, but he may not be given a PDP ticket due to some reasons including eligibility issue. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama (Edo South), Gideon Ikhine (Edo Central), and Kenneth Imasuagbon have been cleared by the opposition party but it seems none of the aspirants is ready to step down should Obseki eventually defect. PDP has now been thrown into a dilemma over picking its flagbearer though the party maintained that it would be fair to all aspirants.