The crossing of knees is very a common post people adopt when sitting down, many people do this consciously.


The position is elegant and often associated with being ”feminine” and ”Ladylike”. but not too many people know that sitting crossed legs can have some serious consequences on their health and bodies.

Charming as sitting with a crossed-leg posture may seem to be; encouraged for prolonged period of time.


A fat person that sits with crossed leg will feel the muscles of the thigh rub more on themselves.

It will not be too comfortable for fat persons , even if a slim person can cope, said Dr. Fatai Adeniyi, a physiotherapist, college of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo state.

According to Dr Adeniyio, sitting with crossed legs would also require that the ligaments that hold the bones also have to stretch to keep that position because it is not a normal anatomic position.

This can affect blood circulation, there will be; point that the blood vessel will be angulated. Blood flow will be impeded, so it will not be free as it should, he added.

Posture issues may seem minor in the beginning but serious health issues in the long run.

That is why individuals can change to the posture of sitting with closed legs and incline one side or with their feet planted flat on the floor and knees making an angel of 90 degrees with the hips to be comfortable and polite, DR. Adeniyi declared.

Research has found that good posture leads to improved intelligence, protects from back problems and sitting disease and staves off heart disease and diabetes.

Dr. Abiodun Adeoye a consultant cardiologist, University College Hospital; Ibadan, Oyo state,said spending too much with crossed-legs can cause the leg or foot go numb.

Crossing the legs can put pressure on the personal nerve at the back of the knee, which supplies sensation to the lower legs and feet. Of course, this uncomfortable feeling will make the individual move, he stated.

He declared that even when taking blood pressure measurement crossing of legs is; also not allowed because it might skew the reading by temporarily raising the blood pressure.

It is; a reasoned that because the blood in the legs has to work against gravity to be; pumped back to the heart, crossing one leg over the other increases resistance.