Fajuyi Hall Security Assault a 200 Level Student of OAU

A 200 level student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife known by the name Victor was brutally assaulted and delivered heavy blows of physical battering by alleged students of the same institution who claims to be Fajuyi Hall Security on August 1st 2018.


At about 4pm in the evening the victim was around the faculty of Agriculture of the institution when he received a threatening phone call by some unknown students claiming to be members of the Fajuyi Hall security committee.

Before he could drop the call, he saw a student whom he recognized as one Love in the department of Crop Production and Protection pointed at him to some strange looking men. Before he realized what was; happening, five motorcycles were; parked in front of him and he followed them when they told him they were; security agent and had questions for him.


On getting to Fajuyi Hall, in the Excos room, severe beatings were; delivered on him. They told him he was; alleged to have stolen a cloth belonging to one Seun who happened to be; his ex roommate in ETF. The victim was; stripped of his clothes and accessories which saw his phone being seized and was; forced to unlock his phone.

These alleged cultists claimed to be untouchable and elusive to reprimand. According to the victim, one of them was called ” Shoki” while another was; called “Collins”. They utter some slangs that were; only known to them and they chanted with serious fervor and enthusiasm.

The victim was; forced to make a false statement claiming to have committed the theft an cloth was; given to the complainer Love. He was; beaten to a pulp and left for dead, Unclad and bleeding through his ear until he was; found by his friend named Peter.

Complaints were; lodged at the appropriate quarters of the school’s security committee but was; referred to the school’s health center where; he was given an injection and pill. A day after , he was suffering from incessant bleeding through the ear.

He was; transferred to OAU Teaching Hospital where he was; diagnosed to have suffered a damage to the head and that it would take a huge sum of money to fix. The victim’s father came on campus and proved his son’s innocence at the police station by claiming he bought the shirt for him and requested the case being; transferred to Osogbo from Moore police station in Ile Ife.

The police ordered the school to produce the culprits on Friday 3rd of August 2018 but failed and it was; extended to the 6th of August 2018. As at the period of this report, no responsive action has been; taken by the school security management to bring this evil perpetrators to book.

We call on the school authorities and human rights activists not to let this incident be; swept under the carpet. These set of people have being; alleged to have laid brutal assaults to students in the past. We say no to cultism and violence!