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Farm Jobs in Canada for Foreigners – Apply Now.

    Farm workers are needed in Canada. No experience or education required. Visa sponsorship jobs in Canada for anyone who may be interested in moving to Canada to go and work as a farm worker.


    Every year, hundreds of thousands of people immigrate to Canada in search of better life. Canada is in need of foreign workers to fill in the labour shortage in their country.

    Farm jobs in Canada usually come with free accommodation among other benefits. Farm jobs are always available in Canada all year round especially during the harvesting seasons.


    Various positions such as farm supervisors, general farm workers, labourers, fruit pickers, vegetable pickers or even egg pickers, dairy farm workers, landscape labourer or business development specialist in farm, farm jobs are readily available in Canada for foreigners who may want to work in Canada.

    Farm workers in Canada can earn as much as $18.00 per hour for 40 hours per week.


    • Have a good level of English
    • You may need previous experience for some roles
    • Be in good health
    • Be open to working in remote regions of the country
    • If you are applying for farm work from outside of Canada you will need to be eligible for a work visa
    • You should have experience in operating various agricultural machinery such as seeders, sprayers, feeding systems and so on.
    • Having experience in agricultural farming (crop or livestock) may be highly favored.

    Provinces to Migrate in Canada as a Farm Worker

    You would need to target the proper provinces and territories that are looking to fill the labor shortfall and the abilities you have to offer if you wanted to work as a farm worker in Canada.

    The following table shows the employment prospects for farm labourers in Canada during the ensuing three years, broken down by province and territory:

    Location     Job Prospects
    Alberta       Fair
    British Columbia       Limited
    Manitoba       Fair
    New Brunswick       Limited
    Newfoundland and Labrador       Fair
    Northwest Territories       Undetermined (no data on job prospects in this province)
    Nova Scotia       Good
    Nunavut       Undetermined (no data on job prospects in this province)
    Ontario       Good
    Prince Edward Island       Good
    Quebec       Fair
    Saskatchewan       Limited
    Yukon Territory       Undetermined (no data on job prospects in this province)

    The Agri-Pilot program is one immigration program you should apply to in order to work in Canada as a farm worker.


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