It was; noted that  FG reacts and disciplinary action followed investigations that established unsolicited and unwelcome sexual advances.



The Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) on Sunday commended the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) authorities for terminating the employment of 15 staff and demotion of one academic staff for corruption and sexual harassment.

Babatunde Irukera, FCCPC Chief Executive Officer, in a statement, noted that the FG reacts and disciplinary action followed investigations that; established unsolicited and unwelcome sexual advances and behaviour toward; members of the school community, illegal allocation of, and alteration of grades, and extortion of students.


“These types of conduct materially affect the entire community, diminish scholarship and negatively skew academic outcomes in a manner that violates the rights of targets of the behaviour and victimises others who are invariably indirect victims.

“The inappropriate behaviour undermines the quality and validity of education and questions the credibility of educational outcomes”, it read.

“The Commission is further; encouraged by ABU’s commitment to a broader and continuing investigation of others; within the community. In addition, the Commission commends ABU for this robust and far-reaching effort and the confidence it restores and promotes in our; institutions, systems and processes.

“A transparent, fair and just educational community is vital for all members of the community, especially students, and the Commission is keen to ensure that students, as; consumers, are afforded the necessary protections, and our campuses are; safe and secure always.

“The Commission urges educational institutions to pursue aggressive and open initiatives to ensure harassment, corruption and other; vices are; eradicated from; educational system”, the statement added.