Tips Finding a Perfect Scholarship for International students 2021: Students looking for college scholarships have many options available to them today. While identifying the best ones and applying to them can take up a lot of time, the benefits can be big.



Right here on this platform, you will find useful information on how to apply for a scholarship, what types of scholarships are available as well as tips for finding scholarships.

Scholarships, unlike loans, don’t have to be paid back. So while it may be a lot of work to apply, it’s worth it if you win one. Before I take you in deeply, take note of what I will be discussing with you.
How Do I Apply for College Scholarships?
The process of applying for college scholarships may be different depending on the specific scholarship and its requirements.



Some common steps to apply for a college scholarship include completing the FAFSA, writing essays and submitting letters of recommendation. Students should review a scholarship’s website to learn how to apply.
To be considered for some scholarships, often a student must only complete the FAFSA. This is the case for many institutional scholarships, such as the Middle-Class Scholarship Program at the University of California and California State University systems.

This scholarship requires no additional forms beyond the FAFSA – or the California Dream Act Application for students who don’t have a Social Security number or who have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program status – to be considered for the award, which helps eligible students cover up to 40% of tuition and fees.

Each scholarship is different, but Robert D. Lane, director of college admissions and alumni relations at Southland College Prep Charter High School in Illinois, says he has one tip for all students when applying for scholarships, regardless of the specific awards they hope to receive.

“Our universal rule is simple,” he says. “Submit by October 15th to insulate and try to capture as much money as possible.”

What Types of Scholarships Are Available?
There are many types of college scholarships available. Some of these include:

Academic achievement. Many scholarships are based on grades, GPA or other academic merits. For instance, students’ PSAT scores determine eligibility in the National Merit Scholarship Program.
Sports. Numerous athletic scholarships are based on participation in one or more sport. High school athletes aspiring for a scholarship at a Division I school should consider NCAA rules.
There are different bylaws for financial aid under NCAA Divisions I and II for each sport. Some sports, such as basketball and football, are called “headcount” sports and offer full-ride athletic scholarships, but there are restrictions on how many students can receive them.


In Division I basketball, the headcount is limited to 15 for women and 13 for men on a team at one time. But athletic scholarships aren’t only limited to Division I and II sports. There are also scholarships for lesser-known sports, such as esports or surfing.

First-generation. There are specialized scholarships for those who are the first in their family to attend college. For instance, the majority of scholarship finalists for California nonprofit QuestBridge’s National College Match program are high-achieving, first-generation students from low-income backgrounds.
Underrepresented groups. Some scholarships are awarded based on students’ backgrounds. The Gates Scholarship, for example, offers several awards annually to bachelor’s degree-seeking students who are Pell-eligible and from a minority group, which includes those who are African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American; these students should ideally also be in the top 10% of their high school class.
Tips for Finding Scholarships
Parent Toolkit asked student financial aid and college planning expert Mark Kantrowitz for his favorite tips for parents and students who are seeking scholarships.

Start your Search Early
It’s never too early to begin the search for college scholarships. As soon as you begin applying for college you should begin the search. It is also good practice to look for scholarships throughout high school so that it becomes second nature.

There are a lot of different scholarship options that come in a variety of places. Companies like Dr. Pepper and Duct Tape offer quirky scholarships to students ranging from $1,000 to $100,000.

Coordinate with the School Counselor
School counselors and academic advisors often have information about scholarship information that you might not find elsewhere. They might be able to suggest unique scholarships based on your talents, extracurricular activities, ethnicity or athleticism.

Ask the College or University
Similar to coordinating with the school counselor, check with advisors within the financial aid office of the schools you’re applying to or have been accepted to.

Most schools have scholarship opportunities listed on their website along with search tips, external links, and faqs. If there is something that isn’t listed on the website, reach out to someone in the office directly.

Pay Attention to the Deadlines
There’s nothing like missing out on money because you missed a deadline. Most scholarship applications have hard deadlines because of the number of applications they may receive. A good way to stay on top of deadlines is to add them to a calendar and set reminders.

For high schoolers, the prime time to apply in the summer of the junior year going into senior year and then throughout the entire senior year. College students can typically find scholarships year-round on their school’s website and within the financial aid office.

Search both online and in your Community
While many searches for scholarships begin on Google, the Department of Education recommends using the U.S. Department of Labor’s scholarship search tool. Another place to look is at foundations, community organizations, and religious groups. Ask around at local business to see if they have any community scholarships if they don’t have one, they might be inspired to create one.

Parents, you can also inquire about scholarships with your employer to see if your company offers financial assistance. Some organizations will have the information posted on their websites but others may not be explicit. There are other free online resources like Edvisors, Fastweb and Big Future that allow you to search for scholarships.

You may need to inquire over the phone, visit them or ask around so that you can be put in touch with the right person.

Apply, Apply, Apply
When it comes to scholarships, Kantrowitz says, “To win you have to apply.” You should apply for every scholarship you’re eligible for and no amount should be too small or too large to deter you from applying.

Beware of Scams
There is a lot of information regarding scholarships on the internet and a lot of it is free. But there’s also scholarship information that for-profit organizations solicit. According to the Federal Trade Commission, every year several hundred thousand students and families are conned by scholarship scams.

Those bogus scholarships typically are advertised as “unclaimed aid” that can be claimed from the government, or “guaranteed money” that you end up paying a small application fee for without ever receiving an award.

Another form of a scam is when an organization charges a fee to match students with other scholarship organizations. You should never pay a company or organization to apply for free money.

Now that you have these simple tips, what are you waiting for? Get out there and apply!

List of Scholarships for You
1. International Business Scholarships at University of Leeds
1 May 2021
To be eligible for the Ph.D. program, you should hold a British Master’s degree (or equivalent degree from an overseas university) or an equivalent professional qualification, with a minimum average score of 60 percent (or equivalent) and in an appropriate academic discipline.

We are offering two full-time Ph.D. scholarships as follows:

Two full-time Ph.D. scholarships for UK/EU/international candidates covering a maintenance stipend and UK/EU/international tuition fees for three years, subject to satisfactory progress.
Maintenance stipends are paid at the UK Research Council rate (£15,009 in 2019/20, the rate is reviewed annually).

To apply for this scholarship, you should first apply for a place in the Ph.D. program at Leeds University Business School.

You should then apply for the scholarship, using the student ID number you received after submitting your Ph.D. application.

You must have submitted all the relevant documents in support of your Ph.D. application by the scholarship closing date.

If English is not your first language, you must provide evidence that you meet the Leeds University Business School minimum English language requirements (below) before registration. You do not need to have met the requirement at the time you apply.

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2. Call for Applications: iASK Research Scholarships 2021-2022
Master, PhD

1.200 €- 3.500 €
31 March 2021
Advanced Research on New Methodologies

Grants are available for senior researchers working on the following broad themes:

From Linear thinking to “Metadisciplinary” contextuality

Elemér Hankiss Fellowship: Novel transdisciplinary methodologies challenging ‘old’ paradigms
History of science in the context of political changes
**Polányi Centre
**Grants are available for senior and early-career researchers working on the following broad themes:

Globalization, Democracy and Sustainable Societies:

The crisis and transformation of democracy and socio-economic polarisation (security, war, violence, changing energy paradigms, water scarcity, causes and consequences of migration)
Traumatized societies and forms of social dissent
Complex systems theory from social, political and economic perspectives
Conflict and cooperation in evolutionary systems and societies
**KRAFT Social Innovation Lab
**Grants are available for senior and early-career researchers working on the following themes:

The regional specificities of human networks and novel collaboration methods based on regional value sets
Sustainable societies: resilience and social capital in today’s peripheral regions
New patterns of community healthcare: best practices and their applicability in Western Hungary
Grants are available for early-career researchers on the following themes:


Hybrid value chains and utilization of volunteering
Mediation techniques in groups of small settlements
The scholarship covers living costs in Kőszeg (housing, food), health insurance, visa costs (if applicable) and travel related to research and professional activities. I ask does not provide extra funds for these expenses.

Applications should include the following:

a completed application form (downloadable)
a research proposal (4-5 pages)
a signed declaration form (downloadable)
an academic Curriculum Vitae
Early career researchers are to attach 2 professional recommendation letters as well.
Inquiries about the grant should be sent to us via email.

For further details please visit the website.

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3. International Distinction Awards
Bachelor, Master
12,000 EUR (divided by multiple scholarships
31 May 2021
Plan to study a full-time undergraduate (Bachelor’s) or postgraduate (Master’s or Ph.D.) program abroad
Plan to enroll in the autumn semester of 2020 at an accredited university
Be 18 years of age or older on the application deadline day (30th of May 2020)
Provide a Letter of Acceptance from the academic institution by 30th of May 2020
International Distinction Awards are 5 grants we offer to 5 lucky future international students.

We’ll award:

1 scholarship worth 6,000 EUR
2 scholarships, each worth 2,000 EUR,
2 more scholarships, each worth 1,000 EUR.
Register and answer a few questions about yourself.
Explore our portals and use our features to find the best degree for you.
Apply to the university (and the program) of your dreams
Submit Letter of Acceptance and motivation by 30 May 2021
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4. The Manchester Full-Time MBA Scholarships
£10,000 – £44,000
1 June 2021
Our scholarships take into account academic credentials, professional track record, and communication and interpersonal skills. We also look for strong values and ethics, and the potential to become an outstanding business leader or entrepreneur and future ambassador for the School.

Our scholarships allow the most talented applicants the opportunity to benefit from the Manchester MBA experience.

Please visit our website to view the application process and deadlines for our range of Full-time MBA scholarships.


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5. International Ph.D. Position at Maastricht University
€ 2.972 per month
8 March 2021
Candidates are expected to possess:

A (Research) Master degree in History or a related field;
Excellent (passive) knowledge of Dutch and of German;
Outstanding writing skills;
Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
The researcher will be based at Maastricht University, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and undertake a 6-month secondment at the Sociaal Historisch Centrum Voor Limburg (Centre for the Social History of Limburg) SHCL, the Netherlands and/or the Regionaal Historisch Centrum Voor Limburg (Centre for the Regional History of Limburg), the Netherlands.

Applicants submit an application package for one of the Ph.D. projects. The full application must be submitted by email and in English, using the application form, and consist of:

The application form containing: personal details (including language proficiency), the LIMES project targeted, and a research proposal and a time plan which response to the relevant project description (max. 1.000 words) (cf.template).
Annex I: A letter of motivation stating the candidate’s qualifications and reasons for interest in the position.
Annex II: Curriculum vitae, outlining relevant work experiences and research output (where applicable). Applicants who have taken a break in their career should indicate this in their application (and in their CV), so it can be taken into account during the selection process.
Annex III: Ethics self-assessment, based on the standard ethical research principles and the ethical principles of H2020 (cf.template).
Annex IV: Copy of Bachelor (BA) and (Research) Master (MA) degree and transcript (including GPA).
Annex V: Proof of proficiency in English (for applicants who neither are native speakers of English nor followed an English taught BA/BSc and MA/MSc); see below for the expected level.
Annex VI: One academic paper (e.g. course paper; (draft)thesis; academic publication).
Annex VII: contact information of two references (including e-mail; phone number, mailing address, and relationship to the applicant).
We offer a dynamic and challenging job in an internationally-oriented organization where people receive advanced education and scholars conduct exciting research. You will be part of an international network of top universities and renowned scholars within the field.

We offer a 4-year full-time appointment as a Ph.D. candidate in one of the research projects under the umbrella of LIMES.

The first year will be a probation period, after a positive assessment the position will be extended with another 3 years.

Remuneration will be according to standard salary levels for Ph.D. students starting with a salary of € 2.325,- with a yearly growth to € 2.972,- gross a month in year 4 (based on a full-time appointment.)

Each year the standard salary is supplemented with a holiday allowance of 8% and an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%.


You have to be willing to move to (the vicinity of) Maastricht. You will be eligible for an allowance for moving costs. You may also be eligible for an allowance for alternative housing. Other secondary conditions include e.g. a pension scheme and partially paid parental leave.

You will be provided with shared office space and a PC.

Maastricht University’s Terms of Employment are laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO). Furthermore, local university provisions apply as well. For more information please see the website.

Researchers may not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the three years immediately before 8 March 2021.

Time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention[1], compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.

(2) LIMES will only consider applicants who have reached an overall average Grade Point Average (GPA) of the completed Bachelor of at least 3.4 and/or completed their Master study with a GPA of at least 3.5 (MA).[2]

(3) For applicants who neither are native speakers of English nor followed an English taught BA/BSc and MA/MSc, the PO accepts certificates from:

IELTS test: minimum score overall 7.0 and writing minimum score of 6.5
TOEFL test: overall, internet-based minimum score 100 and writing minimum score 25
TOEFL test: overall, paper-based minimum score of 600
TOEFL test: overall, computer-based minimum score of 250
A Cambridge certificate: C or higher for the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).
In the case of ineligibility, the PO notifies the applicant by e-mail within ten working days after the receipt of the application.

Maastricht University is committed to nurturing an inclusive culture and a welcoming atmosphere. This inclusiveness strategy has resulted in a very diverse representation of nationalities and cultures. We strongly believe that diversity (including, but not limited to ethnicity, gender, age, and (dis)ability) is to our advantage.

Creating an inclusive working climate in which students and staff feel a valued member of the UM community is, therefore, a top strategic priority. UM, values diversity within its community and encourages you to apply if you are qualified for this position.

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6. Adobe Design Circle Scholarships for International Students in the USA
US $25,000.00
12 March 2021
This scholarship is open to students who will be pursuing undergraduate college/university studies during the 2020-21 academic year. Applicants must be planning to enroll in an accredited college/university degree or certificate program.

Applicants do not need to be accepted into an undergraduate program at the time of application, but if selected for a scholarship, proof of acceptance will be required before scholarship funds can be sent.

While there is no minimum grade requirement to apply for this scholarship, an applicant’s academic and extracurricular record must show the potential to succeed in a college/university program in their intended field of study.

Design Circle Scholars are eligible for up to the U.S. $25,000.00 per academic year for required tuition and fees*. The exact amount of each scholarship will be determined by several critical factors including:

the Scholar’s expected financial need
the location of their college/university
the type of college/university (state university, private university, etc.)
Tuition amounts vary greatly from country to country, and Scholars attending college/university in countries with higher tuition costs will receive larger scholarship awards. Every effort will be made to cover most, if not all, of each Scholar’s required tuition costs.

However, please be aware that some scholarship recipients, specifically those attending higher cost universities in the United States, may not have their full financial need met by this scholarship if the cost exceeds the U.S. $25,000.00 per academic year.

Completed online application form
A personal written or video statement of approximately 500 words or up to three minutes in length
An estimate of your expected tuition and fee expenses
Two reference letters. The letters must come from non-family members who know you well – for example, a teacher, instructor, professor, employer/work supervisor, advisor to an extracurricular club, etc.

High school transcript issued by the school (for applicants from the United Kingdom or Commonwealth countries, A level, O level, GCSE, or BTEC results are also acceptable)
College/university transcript issued by the school, if applicable
Portfolio of up to three examples of your design work. Your portfolio can consist of links to websites you have built and/or links to third-party sites where you have uploaded your work (examples of third-party sites include Behance, YouTube, DailyMotion, Imgur, Dropbox, etc.).

Only applications completed by the deadline will be reviewed. Falsifying or plagiarizing any portion of your application is grounds for automatic disqualification.

Scholarship applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Achievement and potential in the design field, with an emphasis on product, experience, and digital design
Demonstrated leadership potential and ability
Personal character, commitment and potential to use design for positive social change
Clearly expressed the financial need to support educational goals
Career and academic goals in line with stated scholarship objectives
Compelling references
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7. EUSP Scholarships for Talented Students in Europe
Master, Bachelor, PhD
€1000 to €15,000 per year
30 November 2021
Applicants must be a full-time student enrolled in a nationally-recognized educational institution in Europe and have a minimum cumulative unweighted college GPA of 3.0. The winner will be required to provide proof of acceptance to your college or university or a college transcript. Scholarship winners will be selected on merit.

Multiple scholarships from €1000 to €15,000 per year at eligible European universities.

To apply to our EUSP Scholarship, submit a 300-word response to the following essay: ‘A Timely Look at International Economy and Brexit’.

Applications are open till November 30, 2021.


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