Five reasons your phone gets hot and how to resolve it

Virtually, all phones, especially in this dispensation, unavoidably get heated up.


Most of Nigerian youths engage their mobile devices which are Androids and run a lots of robotic commands on the background that it becomes herculean to use a device with poor battery life.

At these times, most of us are indoors due to the lockdown to combat coronavirus spread. Here are some reasons why your phone gets hot as well as how you can manage it well:

1. Games:


When you are fond of gaming a lot, you won’t be able to avoid the emission. As you use your phone to play game,the device uses its Processor, GPU,Ram,Rom, thereby making the phone hot.

2. Background apps:

The more apps you have running in the background, the harder your phone has to work to maintain them. Generally speaking, background apps are not typically a problem. However, if you never go into settings and turn them off, they could turn into one.

3. Using the phone in direct sunlight:

Your phone will get hot due to the extra heat it’s receiving from the sunlight, it’s advisable you don’t use your phone for long under direct sunlight.

4. App and Os Issues:

Certain bugs in apps can cause your phone to overheat or misbehave. Same goes for your phone’s OS. Because these apps have to run on different types of devices using different configurations and operating systems, they may act optimally on some, less so on others. The best way to stop them from malfunctioning is to keep them updated.

5. Virus:

Virus can make your phone to get hot too. Since malicious apps are usually unoptimised pieces of code, they attack your phone’s CPU and memory, throttling them and generating a lot of heat that’s making the CPU to overwork thereby generating more heat.

In snippets, you may cool your phone down by:

1. Turning off that app that’s running in background and consuming resources

2. Removing the phone case

3. Turn off unnecessary settings,like BLUETOOTH, GPS, WIFI.

4. Use phone master to clear junks

5. Update your apps and phone.

Anything that keeps your screen on for long periods of time and uses your phone’s GPU will cause the device to heat up.