Former SUG President Ruffle After Inflammatory Speech

The Former SUG President was; ruffle immediately after he left the inauguration/swearing in of the incumbent government following his speech which was; against the student and the university community.


It all start when the out going president came in to the inauguration hall with his entourage wearing a cap that affiliates to a political party outside the university community.

All students were asked to removed everything that affiliates to any political party outside the university community; since the university was neither PDP, APC or Any other political party but a community to service the country and would not site any political party.


The former sug president refuse to remove is political cap affiliation while he wanted to make his speech but after a lot of intervention and plead he then hacken to removing his cap

Further more, his speech that was; suppose to last for just two minutes lingered till about twenty minutes; following an uproar from the student, who were; angered by the way and manner he delivered his speech.

The Former SUG President kept on repeating lines from his speech, hence taking more time to delay the event and at the end of his speech he said

Long live APC! Godwills Akpabio! Long live Nsima

This declaration my the former sug president at the end of his speech was; a cross disobedient and misconduct my his person.

This spark a lot of anger from the student and every other guest that were present, since having been; warned before making such proclamation.

This did not go well since a cross section of angered students where already waiting for him. On exit from the inauguration hall; hurrying to enter his already waiting car, a mob of students ruffled him but not for the intervention; of the CSO and other security personnel that where on ground rescued him.

The condition and Where about of the Former SUG President is not certain; but Campuzhit will keep you up to date with news development