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Free Masters Scholarships in South Africa: There are many advantages associated with scholarships. As a Master’s student in South Africa, you can gain from these scholarships as well.

However, you have to apply for them first. There are a lot of free masters scholarships in South Africa. Thus, what you need to do is to research about them.

In this article you shall get information on:


Some free masters scholarships in South Africa.
Some Free Masters Scholarships in South Africa
Apparently, there a lot of free masters scholarships in South Africa. However, below are some

ESED Scholarships for Sustainable Energy Development Studies
This is one of the free masters scholarships in South Africa. However, it’s in partnership with Global Sustainable Electricity. Also, note. The purpose of the ESED scholarship is to support outstanding students pursuing advanced studies.

And this is in sustainable energy development. Also, to encourage meaningful contributions to the collective body of knowledge about this subject.

Host Institution
Any approved academic institution around the world. Also, GSEP encourages the application of students pursuing studies in universities of the global South.

Level/Field of Study
This scholarship is in Master’s Programmes. And it’s in areas directly related to sustainable energy development. Also, it’s in renewable energy. And/or the power sector.

Number of Awards
6-8 scholarships will be awarded annually.

Target Group
International students.

Scholarship Value/Duration
The scholarship value is US$ 21,000. And this is per year.

To be eligible for this scholarship, note:

Prospective applicants must undertake master’s-level studies. And this is in the fields of zero-carbon energy. And smart grids, electric transportation,and energy storage. Also, in advanced electricity technologies. And in public policy, economics and law. Also, in political science, or other relevant fields.

Also. you must pursue full-time studies for at least one full school year. And that is two or three semesters. Beginning in autumn 2020. Also, students in the second year of a two-year program are eligible to apply. However, provided that they meet this requirement.
And you must be a citizen of a developing country/territory on the List of official development aid recipients. As identified by the Development Co-operation Directorate (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Also, you must be committed to returning to your home country/territory. And this is after your studies. So as to contribute to its development

Additionally, you must be an outstanding student. Thus must graduates with excellent grades in the top 20% of their class. And must be committed to sustainable energy development. Additionally, must have history of community involvement. And must be determined to advance their knowledge and understanding.

Application Process
Applications should be submitted together with required documents. Using the ESED Online Scholarship Application System. However you’re strongly encouraged to submit your file as early as possible.

Application Link


Canon Collins Postgraduate Scholarships for Africans
Also, this is one of the free masters scholarships in South Africa. Canon Collins Trust provides scholarships to African students. Also, it’s to those who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree. However, mainly Master’s degrees of one or two years. ANd this should be in South Africa.


Field(s) of Study
Any field of study.

Target Group
Students from South Africa. Also, from Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. And Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Also, from Malawi, Angola and Mozambique.

Scholarship Value/Inclusions
The scholarship funds both full-time and part-time study. Also, the grants may cover books. But not computers and other equipment.

To qualify, please take note. You must have completed either a university degree or a three year post-matric diploma. And this should be at a recognised training college. Or a B.Tech at a former technikon.

Application Link

Around August (annual).

Graça Machel Scholarships for South African Women
Also, this is one of the free masters scholarships in South Africa. The key aim of this scholarship is to help provide the female human resources. Which is necessary for economic, social, and cultural development. And this is in the Southern African region.

Also, to develop an educated and skilled workforce. That which can benefit the wider community.

Host Institution
Universities in South Africa.

Field of Study
Masters or PhD Degree. And this is in any course of study. Also, they must be relevant to the development/needs of southern Africa.

Target Group
Female students from Southern Africa.


Scholarship Value/Inclusions
It covers full tuition. And stipend. Also, it covers other support for Honours. And masters. Also, PhD study at South African universities.

To be eligible, please note:

You must be a female.
Also, must be a national of/and normally resident in one of the SADC countries. Like: Angola, Botswana and DRC. Also, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi and Mauritius. And Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. Also, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Additionally, you must be in possession of a good first degree.

Thus, a minimum of second class upper division or equivalent wii do. Also, must be about to graduate in the year of application.
And must be studying or applying to study at a South African university.
Application Link

Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree
The University of the People (UoPeople) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) have launched program. And it’s a tuition-free, online Master of Education (M.Ed.) program. However, the aim is to increase the amount of highly skilled teachers across the world. The curriculum reflects the IB’s approaches to teaching and learning.

Thus, the program will also meet the needs of IB World Schools. And those looking to recruit teachers familiar with IB pedagogy. The M.Ed. program will produce a new generation of globally-minded educators. The Master of Education is a graduate-level program. And it’s designed to train students for dynamic careers. This is in education. Also, in childcare and community leadership.


The program’s approach is that teaching is a learner-centered endeavor. And that effective teachers are skilled professionals. They’re those who foster inclusive and inquiring learning environments.

Graduates of the M.Ed. program are required to complete a minimum of 13 courses. And this is equivalent to 39 credits.

The M.Ed. Program Offers Two Specializations. And they are:

Elementary/Middle School Education.
And Secondary Education.
However, students may choose to complete both specializations. However, they will be required to complete all 6 specialization courses. Which increases the program requirements to a minimum of 16 courses.

Excellent students will have the opportunity to gain real-world experience. And this is through Internship program with International Baccalaureate schools. The IB internship is an additional three (3) credit course.

The combination of the international student body, instructors from top universities worldwide, high-quality education, and opportunities for professional internships ensure an exceptional learning experience.

Academic Year and Course Taking at Uopeople
UoPeople’s academic year is split into five (5) nine-week terms. And students can choose to study part-time or full-time. Part-time students take one course per term. While full-time students take two courses per term. However, in certain cases, excellent students may be given the option to have an accelerated track. And take three courses per term.

Also, graduates of the M.Ed. program are required to complete a minimum of 39 credits. And for part-time students, this will generally take thirteen (13) terms. However, full-time students can expect to complete the program in seven (7) terms. And accelerated track students can earn their degree in five (5) terms.

Scholarship Link
To learn more about the Master of Education program, please read through the Course Catalog.

UK International Tech Hub Network Go Global Africa 2020 for African Entrepreneurs
Also, this is one of the free masters scholarships in South Africa. And it’s sponsored by Go Global Africa. Which is part of the United Kingdom Government Digital Access Program.

And it’s for the Prosperity Fund. While the Department of International Development are the sponsors. And it is in partnership with the Department of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and the Department of Digital Culture, Media and sport to help boost the digital.

Benefits of this Scholarship
Some of the benefits includes:

Also accommodation.
And meals for both the in-country masterclass and the UK program will be covered by the International Tech Hub Network.
Also, most importantly, it handles and pay for your visa. However, it is the responsibility of the participant to organize the application with sufficient time.

To be eligible:

You must work in one of the following four sectors: AgriTech, FinTech, HealthTech or Clean Energy.
Also, must post-MVP stage. Fully operational in the market.
And must be able to demonstrate a clear business model. And with evidence of customer traction.

Also, must be looking to raise your first round of financing.
And must be able to demonstrate a clear potential for social impact.
Also, must be able to demonstrate your commitment. And this to strengthening the local ecosystem. By transmitting lessons to other startups

Additionally, must have ambition to develop internationally in the future.
You can get more information about this scholarship HERE


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