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Getting a Job Offer in Canada

    Do you wish to find a good-paying job in Canada? How would you like to learn how to find and get a job in Canada to help you get the comfort you so desire?


    Looking for a job in Canada can become very daunting especially if don’t have the technique or the job search skill. There are thousands of jobs in Canada you can apply for, the problem is, are you looking in the right places? In this article, you will learn about regulated and unregulated jobs, the documents that are required, and just where to look for the right job for you.

    The best way to quickly get a job in Canada is to actually be in Canada. Unfortunately, to everyone can afford to travel to Canada to find a job, and not everyone can afford to apply to study in Canada. Finding an employer that is willing to offer you s job from outside Canada is really difficult and it is the hardest part of coming to Canada.


    However, in the struggle to immigrate and work in Canada one important ingredient that will most certainly improve your chances of being invited to Canada is having a job offer from a Canadian employer. With a job offer, it becomes easier for you to process your work permit.

    Having a job offer means you can claim extra Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. This will put you above on the pecking order in the Express Entry pool.

    Do You Actually Need a Job Offer to Immigrate to Canada?

    Some professions in Canada do not require you to have a job offer to work in Canada. They include:

    Professions that do not require a work permit

    • Self-employed occupations
    • Certain “skilled worker” occupations
    • Business owners and investors
    • Young people on “working holidays”
    • Intracompany transfers from certain countries
    • Spouses of temporary workers and students
    • Spouses/partners being sponsored for permanent residence

    To work in Canada, you will need a Social Security Number but you don’t have to bother getting it until you arrive in Canada. And if your profession does not fall within those mentioned above, then you need to apply for a job offer first.

    Best Ways to Find a Job in Canada

    Use social media to your advantage

    Many people use social media without realizing how powerful a tool it can be if it is used properly. Social Media is one of the most powerful networking tools you can use to search for jobs anywhere in the world from your comfort if you know how to use it.


    Not every agency is credible, but if you could find one in your country, then your immigration journey will just become smooth and simple. To help you not lose money to agencies, avoid those that request money from you first for their services.

    Some of these agencies have already been paid by the Canadian employer to help source for workers, so paying extra money will not be necessary except if it is for appreciation for the work done.

    Online Resources

    Like social media, searching for jobs online can prove very useful. There are designated websites and job directories where Canadian jobs are listed every day; you could begin your search there.

    Credible Places to Find a Canada Jobs

    Canvassing Employers

    Taking the initiative to reach out to employers is usually very much appreciated by them. You could always cold-call or cold-email employers in Canada who are looking for people with your type of talent. If you have the skill an employer is looking for, they wouldn’t mind if you are outside Canada.


    With a strong reference, an employer will most likely view your application from a strong point. It gives you an edge over other applicants as the employer will learn more about you and your employment history. If you can get a reference letter from your previous employers it will definitely set you on track


    We said that social media is a strong networking tool. But it should not just end with social media; you could find other avenues to network and meet people online and offline. If you have a friend in Canada or a relative, it is much easier to keep track of open job positions in Canada.

    The downside to the whole idea of working in Canada is that for any open job position, it is required that an employer first consider Canadian citizens or permanent residents within that area before thinking about employing anyone who is a temporary resident or outside Canada.

    How to Spot Fake Job Offer

    In your quest for a Canadian job, you would most definitely find dubious people who are fraudulent and ready to extort you. This is mostly one of the biggest challenges immigrants who are desperate to work in Canada will have to face.

    It is advisable to look for a well-established and credible immigration law firm to help you through the most challenging immigration processes.


    To easily spot a fake job offer is no magic, when you are asked to pay money to find a job in Canada, you should easily realize that you are about to be scammed. It is illegal to ask someone to pay for a Canadian job offer or letter. And one thing you should look out for in a job letter is the company’s letterhead.

    Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada Right Now

    • Sales associate
    • Driver
    • Receptionist
    • Welder
    • Developer
    • Business development manager
    • General laborer
    • Project manager
    • Heavy-duty mechanic
    • Merchandiser
    • Electrical engineer
    • Accountant
    • HR manager
    • Financial advisor
    • Registered nurse