Goats Roam Walter Sisulu University Campus

Students at the Mthatha and Butterworth campuses of Walter Sisulu University have to share space with livestock.


University students expect to find the occasional stray cat or lost bird hovering around campus; but animals rarely bring classes to a standstill.

At Walter Sisulu University, however, students have to deal with an invasion of a different kind: goats often roam the corridors and wander into lecture theatres at the school.


Goats, sheep, cattle and horses often wander around the campus, surprising students while they try to study. It is a regular occurrence at the Butterworth and Mthatha campuses of the university; largely due to poor security at the school.

Spokesperson Yonela Tukwayo said the school struggled with criminals and vandals cutting holes into the fences, adding that some students are also to blame as they use the compromised fences to smuggle alcohol onto campus.

Students have witnessed livestock walking around in the library as well; with one person noting that the animals behave as if they rule the school; “They walk in like they are humans who belong in a library. They pee whenever and wherever they feel like it.”