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Google Python Scholarship: Google Python scholarship is one of the amazing packages in terms of scholarships provided by Google.

Also, this scholarship provides you with amazing open doors and innovative breakthrough. Believe me, you would not want this privilege to slip pass you.


However, you may wish to learn more about this scholarship. If so, just read through this piece.
Let’s begin by telling you that Google has launched Python Training Program for 2020. Also, be informed that Google is offering a lot of Scholarships along side with it.

Furthermore, Google has launched a new online training certificate program. And this is to help students and job seekers learn Python. Also note that Python the most in-demand computer programming language.

Furthermore, the certificate program, named Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, is available. And this is through the online course facilitator Course. Although it’s not free, is granting 2,500 need-based scholarships.

Important Information
According to Google, those who complete the program will be considered for IT jobs. And this is at many of the world’s leading companies, including Walmart, Hulu and Sprint.

Furthermore, currently, more than 530,000 U.S. jobs, including 75,000 entry-level jobs require Python proficiency. This is according to Google. And those who take this certificate program can expect to learn Python, Git and IT automation within just six months.

Thus, in total, the program consists of six courses. Including an introductory crash course, a course showing how to manipulate files and processes on a computer’s operating system. Also, a course introducing Git and GitHub.

Furthermore, a course showing troubleshooting and debugging techniques, a course teaching about configuration management and the cloud, and a final course on automating real-world tasks.

The Announcement of Google Python Scholarship/Program
The announcement of this new program comes two years after Google launched its original certificate program, Google IT Support Professional Certificate. However, already, the above has received more than 100,000 enrollments.

The initial program greatly helped many aspiring IT professionals jump start their careers, according to Google. Yves Cooper is one of those people. In October 2019, note. Google announced that its Google IT Support Professional Certificate program will expand