A woman who got shock visited her boyfriend’s house unannounced to surprise him on his birthday has been; left with a shocker.



A heartbroken woman has narrated the shock she got after trying to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday by visiting his house unannounced.

Read the post shared by relationship expert, Cynthia Valerian Raphaels:

Good afternoon ma. How is work and family? I need advise ma. Please hide my id .Something happened in my relationship last month like Saturday of last month.

This is a man that knows my family and we are planning to marry by Easter next year. My boyfriends birthday was last Saturday of August. I decided to surprise him, packed my bags to go visit him to sleep over. didn’t tell him I was coming.

I left on Friday When I got to the house because I have my own keys, I got there around 2:30pm, I even stopped by the market to buy soup and stew items, got to the house, opened the entrance with; my keys and first went to the kitchen to drop the food stuffs I bought

. Meanwhile I have been; discussing with him about his birthday will be, so he told me on that day, he will come and take me out.


That was our agreement . So I didn’t tell him I was planning something else. When I dropped the stuff at the kitchen, I took my bags to the room, met a lady lying down, sleeping with just bra and short in his bedroom. The sound of my shoes woke her up and she asked me who am I, how did I get in?