Hundreds Gather to Remember Victims of Gun Violence

Not only were the names of the 11 killed inside the Pittsburg synagogue read aloud on the University of Hartford campus on Monday, but their stories were told as well.


The victims were; attacked and gunned down while they prayed for love and unity.

Matt Glassoff is a sophomore at the University of Hartford and attended the rally.

“Yes, it affects the Jewish religion, but this can happen to any other religion so I think it’s important to come and celebrate religions all together,” he said.



And that’s what they did, with Jewish leaders standing next to Muslim leaders. Catholic leaders standing next to Protestant leaders.

Arben Gjombalaj is from the Muslim Student Association.

It’s very important for all faiths to come together, because we all worship the same God, and it seems like a lot of people these days are forgetting that,” he said.

Gary Knighton is with the Protestant chapel at the University of Hartford.

“We are all God’s children and when one of us are hurting, we are all hurting. There is a scripture that says when they rejoice, rejoice with them, when they mourn, mourn with them,” he added.

So, as they lit candles and read the names, they also passed out cards filled with good deeds; encouraging everyone to combat the hate with a kind task.