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Highest Paying: Knowing these companies makes your application process smoother when you are ready to become a part of the workforce. I will tell you what is the best companies you should work with as a mechanical engineer and more.



If engineering is your passion, but you are still contemplating which specialization to pursue, mechanical engineering may be the path for you. Beyond the fact that mechanical engineers have exciting jobs that enable them to work with cutting-edge technology, there are a plethora of jobs to choose from.

Many large companies have an ongoing need for engineering services. Some of these employers are mechanical engineering companies, but businesses in a variety of industries actively recruit these workers, including information technology, consumer electronics, arts and entertainment, and the federal government.


Where Can Mechanical Engineers Work?
Before getting into the specifics on a few of the highly respected firms in which mechanical engineers work, you may be surprised by the number of jobs that currently exist – in the U.S. alone.

According to the most recent figures available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 312,900 mechanical engineers gainfully employed in 2018. Come 2028, that total is projected to jump to 325,700, which is a growth rate of roughly 4%.

This is largely attributable to mechanical engineers’ participation in many work environments. For example, roughly 20% of mechanical engineers are in architectural and related services, according to the BLS.

An additional 14% perform their duties in machinery manufacturing and 11% apply their skills in transportation equipment manufacturing. Another 7% of mechanical engineers perform manufacturing services on behalf of companies that specialize in computer and electronic products. These figures alone speak to the diversification of this occupation.

Duties of Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical engineers typically do the following:

Analyze problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help solve a particular problem


Design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices or subsystems, using analysis and computer-aided design
Investigate equipment failures or difficulties to diagnose faulty operation and to recommend remedies
Develop and test prototypes of devices they design
Analyze the test results and change the design or system as needed
Oversee the manufacturing process for the device
Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering fields.


Mechanical engineers design and oversee the manufacture of many products ranging from medical devices to new batteries.

Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines, as well as power-using machines, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Mechanical engineers design other machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators. They also design material-handling systems, such as conveyor systems and automated transfer stations.

Like other engineers, mechanical engineers use computers extensively. Mechanical engineers are routinely responsible for the integration of sensors, controllers, and machinery.

Computer technology helps mechanical engineers create and analyze designs, run simulations, and test how a machine is likely to work, interact with connected systems, and generate specifications for parts.


ow Much Do Mechanical Engineers Make?
Yet just because there are many of them does not make their talents any less valuable. They must possess a balance of hard and soft skills and be proficient in mathematics, particularly subject material like statistics, physics, and calculus.

These skill sets and understandings enable them to perform a litany of tasks, be it in civil engineering research and development or designing prototypes for robotics. Additionally, if mechanical engineers sell their services or are self-employed, they may need special certification and licensing.

Their hard work and expertise pay off, though. According to the BLS, the median annual wage in 2019 for this profession nationally was approximately $88,430, more than double the median salary among all occupations ($39,810) and considerably higher than the household income of $61,937, based on estimates from the Census Bureau.

In some states, however, mechanical engineers stand to earn more. Their annual mean wage in California last year, for example, was $107,920, the highest in the nation. Texas is another state in which these engineers frequently earn six-figure salaries ($102,980).

Mechanical engineering companies and employers with open engineering jobs may not offer these amounts for entry-level positions. Generally speaking, compensation packages tend to vary depending on work experience, the economy as well as supply and demand.

Highest-Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs That is Trending
There are many reasons why some states might have higher salaries than others. Some states have a higher standard of living than others, which increases salaries in many industries. Some states are hubs for industries that pay mechanical engineers more competitively.

Knowing which states pay highest will help you decide if you want to relocate. Here are the states that have the highest average salaries for mechanical engineers:

1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
A job in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) remains one of the most sought after by mechanical engineers from around the world.

And this comes as no surprise, as being involved with NASA brings not just prestige but manifold opportunities to interact and even collaborate with top-notch scientists and engineers from the United States and other countries.

2. Google
Google, arguably the largest computational technology company in the world, requires some of the biggest and most advanced computer hardware systems.

Because this is the case, Google doesn’t purchase ready-made systems but makes it’s own instead. To do so, the company needs a strong employee base of mechanical engineers.

3. The Boeing Company
Another very popular employer for mechanical engineers is Boeing, the largest aerospace corporation in the world. As it is continually seeking to improve on its manufacturing of military aircraft and commercial jetliners, mechanical engineers who are lucky enough to land a job in the company are guaranteed to acquire new skills and grow their respective careers when they work for Boeing.

4. Apple
A leader in consumer computational technology, Apple is in constant need of the expertise and specialized skills of mechanical engineers. Work entails designing, developing, and testing consumer electronics and gadgets like next-generation displays.

Apple is held in high regard within the engineering community, and so working for this company will surely bring prestige, career opportunities, and growth.

5. Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin is the United States’ premier manufacturer of military equipment such as military and combat gear, radar systems, aircraft, and missiles. Needless to say, designing, developing, and testing all these products require the expertise of mechanical engineers.

6. Microsoft
Another big name in the computational technology field is Microsoft. Much like Google, Microsoft needs hardware systems that cannot be bought from run-of-the-mill computer hardware stores. Because this is the case, Microsoft hires mechanical engineers to create these specialized hardware systems.

7. GE Aviation
GE Aviation manufactures engines both for commercial and military aircraft. With such a wide clientele, continued research and development as well as testing of next-generation engines are then required, jobs which mechanical engineers are fully trained to do.

General Electric dabbles in energy as well, and developing clean energy systems is something that may be of interest to up-and-coming mechanical engineers out there.

8. United States Department of Energy
Yet another government organization with which mechanical engineers can find work in the United States Department of Energy. Mechanical engineers in this line of work play a crucial role in identifying and developing safe, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable clean energy systems utilizing solar, wind, and wave power.

Pinpointing advanced methods and creating respective systems for radioactive waste disposal is a possibility, too. Mechanical engineers who work for the United States Department of Energy play a crucial role, as their recommendations influence energy policies in the country.

9. Ford Motor Company
Ford continues to be a driving force in America’s automobile manufacturing industry. Continually seeking to streamline its operations, Ford constantly requires the specialized skills of mechanical engineers to develop mechanical systems for its automobile assembly and testing processes.

10. Walt Disney Company
We are all used to thinking of mechanical engineers as working in the technology and information technology fields. But this is not always the case; other sectors also require the specialized skills of these professionals.

Take for instance the entertainment industry, where top-notch firms like the Walt Disney Company dominate. Working for this firm allows mechanical engineers to think out of the box to create one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences.

The US-based company, responsible for bringing the GPU, is a leader in technology and artificial intelligence computing – two fields that are undergoing rapid development and expansion.

Mechanical engineers, who join the tech giant, receive the opportunity to be at the forefront of making history all the while working with graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming market, and system on chip units (SOCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market.

12. IDOM
IDOM was ranked 39 in the list of 100 best Civil Engineering Companies by New Civil Engineer magazine (NCE). IDOM’s inclusion in this ranking reflects increased productivity and the company’s contribution to positive cultural change throughout the world.

With offices in five continents, IDOM’s unique travel opportunities contribute to its ranking as one of the best engineering companies to work for.

Increasing Your Salary As A Mechanical Engineer
Here are some ways you can increase your earning potential as a mechanical engineer:

Find high-paying industries: Some of the highest-paying industries for mechanical engineers are pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, and nanotechnology. These industries are usually competitive, so it’s important to have a compelling resume to impress hiring managers.

Earn a higher degree: You can increase your salary potential by getting a master’s or doctoral degree. With a graduate degree, you can qualify faster for management or leadership positions in mechanical engineering.

Obtain licenses and certifications: Consider earning your Professional Engineer license since many employers seek candidates with one. There are also many engineering certifications available that you can earn that show your proficiency in the field and dedication to your role.

For those of you mechanical engineers looking to work for a large company, those listed in this post are some of the best out there. Between their salary and benefits packages and the opportunities that they provide to work on large-scale, award-winning projects, you can see and do amazing things at these companies.

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