How Much Money Do I Need to Invest in Canada for PR?

Canada investor program

If you have got the bags, then becoming a permanent resident in Canada will be very much easy for you. Becoming an investor in Canada is one of the fastest routes to obtaining a permanent resident in Canada.

Canada encourages people to come and invest and create jobs in the country and in return you are permitted to live in Canada permanently supposing you meet all the requirements. The Canadian laws and rules are made flexible to accommodate immigrants who wish to start or purchase a business in Canada.

So, can anyone who is not a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen be able to purchase a property in Canada? And how does buying a property help your immigration dreams?

One of the main goals of the Canadian government is to attract more immigrants to Canada, and one of the ways they are doing that is by providing jobs. By welcoming more investors to Canada, more jobs are created which means more immigrants can come to Canada and the country’s economy keeps growing.

With that in mind, all investors who meet the minimum amount requested from investors will be eligible to purchase an already existing business or start a new one.

 How Much Money Do I Need to Invest in Canada for PR?

To immigrate to Canada as an investor, you should meet some requirements, not just the amount of money you should have. The Canadian government created several immigrant investors programs to help attract investors who have enough funds to invest in the growth of the country’s economy.

You should as an investor be admissible to enter Canada and not be a threat to the medical and security safety of the residents in Canada.

You must meet all the requirements for the immigrant investor programs to be considered for permanent residence.

What is required?

All investors should have no intention of living in Quebec. (Quebec has its investors program which we will discuss later in this article.)

You are expected to have years of experience in business or investments. You will be required to present proof of business experience. A valid experience is owning and operating a business, managing at least five staff.

You must have a net worth of at least $1.6M CAD, of which you’d have to show proof of the source of the money and how it was acquired. This is to prove that the money is legally obtained and that you are not a fraudulent businessman.

You will also be required to make from $150,000 to $800,000 CAD investment to the Government of Canada. Your money will be returned after 5 years, but with no interest.

You must not be inadmissible to enter Canada.

If you invest in the government in an amount from $150,000 to $800,000, the Canadian government will offer you permanent residency after a period. Investors must prove that they have from $350,000 to $800,000 to invest.

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