How OVER 1.5 GOALS made N6.2million in 3 months from football trading with N200,000 capital

How is that even possible? TJ gave account of his latest discovery and how he did it. One would have thought it’s a big deal but it is simple and easy.


First step; He uncovered a reliable and trustworthy tipster from UK that concentrate solely on OVER 1.5 GOALS. He made use of the tips supplied from them daily. Average of 100% – 500% return on capital monthly was achieved using 3 rollover strategy. (That is explained in a video tutorial to those who will be fortunate to join in this)

The journey to uncovering the trusted tipsters took him 4years of falling into the hands of scammers. So many stories but I have to cut short to save us time.

Secondly step; Adetunji sees football betting from a different perspective unlike many others sees it. The reason he called his approach FOOTBALL TRADING and not football betting. He follows a laid down plan. Only 2% of people around the globe into football betting know about this secret approach.


N200,000 starting capital

It will wow you to know it was 200k he turned to 6.2million naira in 3 months. He funded his betting account with 200k and subscribed to start receiving games from his trusted tipster. The strategy is to stake N20,000 only at the beginning of a rollover cycle (10% of capital at the beginning of a rollover) and this grows along.

Below is sample of what 3 rollover means. It’s the best for the over 1.5 goals package. It will be explained in details. Started the one below with 42k and made it 69k the 1st day. Used the 69k and turned it to 125k the 2nd day. And on the final day, the 3rd day, used the 125k to achieve 215k. That ends the rollover. A successful rollover. Achieving 6+ of such rollovers monthly is the target.