Distance relationship doesn’t break a relationship and neither does closeness builds it….all it does require is True feelings to be healthy…




If you deny your Distance  relationship your time, attention and care, you have denied it the ability to grow..

Any Distance relationship that is being built to last and succeeds for marriage, must be on COMMUNICATION….


(1) As a politician requires money to play politics, so does she require your “Attention” for her heart to be won.

(2) When a woman is” trapping ” she cares
When she asks questions, She is trying to be clarified

(3) When she is quiet and lets things Slide, she is giving up..

(4) When she stops calling as she use to; she want to know how committed you are..

Every woman wants to know the future of her relationship..

Because the heart that understands also gets tired.

If you truly value what you have and share; then you must do your best to take it to the next level.

(5) If you believe you have right over her phone, then don’t hide yours..

Teach Her How To Be Transparent and Honest…

This is the secret to build trust in a woman.

 Pay attention to her complaints, because repeating same attitude births nagging..

Every woman watches your reaction when marriage is mentioned..

Let your plans be realistic ”

Every woman has a password, so try to know hers.

A woman’s password are those things you can use to restore her happiness again.

Key into her future and bring out the best in her..
Learn to touch her soul more than her Body…

Why she is counting how many years you guys have been dating is because you’re not paying attention to her.

When you give a woman attention, she forgets how long you have been together.

If you pay attention to her, you will realize that sex isn’t her problem, but the distance you have created in her heart…

Keeping silent on her, makes her give up on you easily

If you can’t pay attention to her now, you can’t learn it in marriage.

A woman’s love is like “gold” if you can have patience enough to process it, you will enjoy the value