The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB calls says it will make a stage that will empower competitors who; scored 250 or more know why they are denied situations in their particular schools of decision.



Dr Fabian Benjamin, JAMB’s Head of Media and Information, made the revelation in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos.

As per him, the improvement is to additionally incite straightforwardness and value too guarantee that competitors don’t; fall prey to fraudsters who may profess to be; in a situation to impact their arrangements on the off chance that they (up-and-comers), can meet their terms.


“The board is asking all contender to have confidence in the framework as; they need not ask, pay or belittle anyone to verify confirmation.

“Reports contacting us Jamb calls demonstrate that a few people have been circumventing gathering competitors’ enrollment numbers and scores under; the appearance of helping them to verify situations in their separate foundations of decision.

“The vast majority of these competitors are; high scoring up-and-comers who in the board’s 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) customarily could have; verified their confirmation on merit considering the framework set up by; the board,” he told NAN.

“The board, has through the Central Admission Process System (CAPS), characterized all parameters for confirmation, and once an up-and-comer meets the necessities, such; a competitor is consequently picked by the framework without; obstruction.

“Tragically because of the numbness of a portion of these applicants on how the framework is being;arranged to incite straightforwardness, value and reasonableness, they enable themselves to be; swindled by certain lawbreakers, separating endlessly with colossal totals.

“Evidently, these applicants, in case of having the option to verify affirmation through the CAPS, credit their prosperity to these offenders who had gathered cash from them, without realizing that they made no commitment to their prosperity.”

As per Dr Fabian, it is against this scenery that the board has chosen to make a stage that will direct high scoring applicants, from; 250 or more on their affirmation status.

“These gathering of applicants are; to visit the stage and know why Jamb calls they are not conceded on account of such; a projection and avoid potential risk for consequent activities.

“This is to guarantee that these competitors believe in the framework, just as keep them from falling prey to fraudsters.

“We, hence, likewise approach all establishments of higher figuring out how to enter into; this sensitisation of uncovering why some high scoring up-and-comers may not be conceded,” Benjamin said.