Ways to Track Jobs in Nigeria 2021: JOBS LOCATION IN NIGERIA RECRUITMENT 2021 APPLICATION FORM OUT  Jobs in Nigeria has become more like a lottery these days considering the number of people out there looking for different kinds of jobs at the same time. To be able to land your dream job in Nigeria, you need to be perfect in both your personality and qualifications.
There are jobs in Nigeria for you as long as you’re qualified, good jobs for that matter. This article will show you exactly what to do to get good jobs in Nigeria and where to get them.



The dream of every undergraduate is to get a very good and well-paying job the moment he is through with youth services.

Everyone naturally has this ideology of after school, the next step is to go get a job, it doesn’t matter if you have the potential to even create jobs yourself, everyone just goes hunting for a job once they have the certificate.
The job market in Nigeria has become very saturated.



True, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs waiting right now for grab, but there are equally millions of qualified applicants hunting to grab them.

The tough competition in the job market has created a situation where job owners get to see themselves as demigods, making it further difficult to meet certain employment criteria set by these job owners as a result of the huge demand for vacancies.

How to Get a Job in Nigeria
It seems that people who have just left the university’s walls will have to search long and hard for the first job.

In fact, the chances of successful employment without work experience are much greater than it seems.

Successful graduates of universities have chances of getting employed. However, the selection process is more thorough and longer than for people with serious experience.

1. Take Professional Courses and Certifications
Now you can find professional courses and certification in almost any specialty.

If you successfully pass a few of them, it will give you an advantage over other job applicants who also do not have the experience, like you.

Successful completion of these types of courses usually ends with the issuance of certificates from the company that organ
n addition, attending training courses is a real opportunity to improve your professional skills and expand theoretical knowledge to practical ones.

2. Tell People About Your Employment Status
Fortunately or unfortunately, some youth graduates in their effort not to appear jobless and broke, do lie about their employment status.

Some go as far as bragging about having a very lucrative job whereas they are maybe jobless or underemployed.

Don’t tell people you work with Chevron when actually you work with a little private firm, the implication is that they will assume you have a good job and won’t inform you when there’s a job opening that may suit your qualification.

Be honest in life, if you are unemployed, tell your friends and family members and always remind them that you’re still job-hunting.

Being unemployed is not a crime, everyone in life must have been unemployed at some point.

Tell all friends, relatives, acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances that you are looking for work. Actively participate in professional communities in social networks, make new acquaintances, and find out which companies open interesting vacancies for you.

3. Don’t Wait for Big Pay Jobs Only
Many young graduates out of their greed have turned down jobs of small pay while waiting and praying for big pay jobs in big corporations while their mates are taking up smaller pay jobs to secure work experience and move up faster than they ever thought.

In case you don’t know, not many companies nowadays want to hire young graduates without relevant work experience because all organization are looking for ways to cut cost and maximize profit, and training and re-training young graduates to fit into the job role isn’t always an easy or cost-effective venture for companies.

So when next you get a job offer of 40k per month, don’t reject it if it will allow you to get experience in your field. Believe me, from that job, you will get a bigger offer with time.

I have many friends, relatives, and fans who have moved up from their 30k per month jobs to 100k, 150k, 200k, 300k, 500k, etc. jobs in less than 4 years.

4. Make Networking a Bigger Priority
Most people just apply for a job and sit at home, hoping and praying for a response. They spend every free and valuable time they have searching for more jobs online.

Unfortunately, in doing so, they close themselves up and pass up opportunities to network with others.

The thing about Nigeria though is, finding a job usually comes down to knowing the right people, and usually, the best way to know people is by meeting them through mutual contacts or at events.

Ensure you are getting out of your house and networking. Put out the word that you are in search of a job and do not be shy in giving details about the kind of job you desire. You never know where you may find a link.

5. Send Half of your Resume
Find a company you intend to work for. Write a super cover letter on why they should give you a chance, pointing them to check out your resume. Don’t seal the envelope and don’t add any resume to the envelope.

They’ll assume that the resume fell out of the envelope. Make sure you attach your number to the cover letter. It is 90% certain that they will call you for an interview, i.e. if such a position needs someone to come in.

When you are finally called, sell yourself shamelessly and with all vigor.

6. Make use of Direct Mail
Make use of the power of direct mails – I don’t mean Emails. Emails can be trashed with ease, but direct mail has the power to be treated with respect. Locate up to 5 companies you wish to work for.

Look for a contact in your network and ask them if they know anyone who works in any of the firms you listed out.

If they give out the names, collect permission to forward your resume via email and always mention your contact in the cover letter.

7. Call Human Resource Managers on Phone
Does it sound crazy? You should know that desperate time calls for desperate measures. Pick up the phone, call the Human resource department. You can ask them what outside agency or third party or recruiting firm they use.

They will surely ask you why you want to know. Pitch your skills. Remind them that since they are not recruiting now that you are available, can they recommend any competitor that might need your expertise?

The idea is to create value for you and help you get a job in Nigeria.

8. Don’t Rely on one Job Advert Website
Do you know that no one website publishes all the job opportunities available in the country? Administrators of these job advert websites are also humans, so don’t rely on one website because they do always omit some jobs either because they were unaware or didn’t get the information on time.

Again, some websites may be experts in publishing the latest jobs for engineering graduates, while another may be a specialist in hospitality jobs.

So to put yourself at a good chance, have at least 5 reliable job advert websites bookmarked on your phone and laptop browser which you must visit once a day.

9. Don’t Rely on Anybody
While you tell family and friends about your unemployment status, please don’t put all your hope of securing a job on one uncle working with Shell, Mobil, NNPC, etc., believe in yourself that’s why you are a graduate.

Do you know how many help-me-secure-a-job emails I receive on daily basis (please I am not mocking those people sending me such mails; God knows I do wish I could help them all)? It always weighs me down because I usually wish I could give all of them good jobs, but then, I can’t, neither can Aliko Dangote nor even the president.

Why it is not advisable to rely on someone for a job is because that person may have more than 10 persons relying on him for a job, so who will he give, who will he ignore? Just pray to God to send your helper, that’s all you should do.

10. Your C.V is Not the Most Important Thing
Most people assume that having a great CV or resume is the most important aspect of getting the job they are searching for, and so once they feel their document is on point, they do not really put effort into other areas of their life.

The thing though is that hiring managers these days prefer to get a much more accurate picture of who you are by evaluating your online persona.

They research your social handles, work portfolio, published articles, as they tend to believe they would paint a better picture of you.

It is therefore important that you ensure all your digital handles are strong and portray a good image of you.

Work experience is one of the most important characteristics in the job seeker summary for many employers.

If there is a great desire to progress and develop, you can find a good job without work experience, although it is difficult.


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