In consideration of the plight of patients and to give room for an amicable resolution of its dispute with the federal Government, the striking health sector workers, under the aegis of Joint Health sector Unions, JOHESU, yesterday agreed to suspend their 44 old strike.


They decision followed the intervention of National Industrial court, NIC which offered to take over the mediation process between the striking workers and the government.

Before now, a group, the incorporated trustees of the kingdom Human Rights foundation, KHRFI, had obtained a court order against JOHESU, mandating the health workers to suspend their industrial action on May 21, 2018.

But in pursuit of its constitutional rights to either comply or challenge the court order, JOHESU filed an appeal at the appellate court.

However, the leadership of JOHESU decided to sheath its sword and direct members to resume duties since the NIC, as a neutral and impartial organ of the judiciary has mandated its mediation centre to take over the negotiation and reconciliation processes within the next 24 hours in the interest of the public.


In the interest of Nigerians, we are sheathing our swords. We are a law-abiding union and we shall give the law an opportunity to take its course for equitable fairness and justice to all parties.