The officials of NYSC camp in Umunna, have several refused to pump the borehole water for them to fetch even when there is power supply.


The corpers said the officials brings water in jerricans and sell them to them.

which is obvious that why the NYSC officials is; not pumping water for them is for make them to buy the water in order in make more money.

A corper called the state coordinator of NYSC in Abia state, Mrs Ifon, to know if she is; aware of the allegation, she denied the claim and maintained that she personally monitor the supply in the camp.


She said she has deposited N500,000  for diesel just to ensure that anytime electricity is; unavailable there will be enough diesel to empower the generators to make the pumping of water possible.

some calls were made to the camp director of the NYSC at Umunna. she equally denied the allegation and accused some corps members of being lazy.

Mrs Akpu angrily disclosed that some of the corps members feel too big and lazy to go where the tank is and fetch the water.

They prefer to go and buy water”. she also said it is unfair of some corps members to accuse NYSC officials instead of applauding their efforts.

While speaking with state coordinator of NYSC on phone,she handed her phone over to a corps member,Mr Amoko Jeremiah, who equally rebuffed the claim.

The Camp Director of NYSC at Umunna, to still look into the claim even; though they have already denied, but because of the fact that there is; will be no smoke without fire.

For some corp members to report this issue and still maintained their stand despite the strong  defence by the state coordinator an camp director