Landmark University Gets ACCDA Accreditation.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has certified Landmark University’s B.Sc Accounting programme an ACCA accredited Programme. This was contained; in the Certificate of Exemption signed by the Executive Director, Strategy and Development, Allan Hatfield, and awarded to the University.


The new Accreditations Officer, Jason Forbes, in a letter accompanying the certificate; disclosed that; Landmark University graduates; from 2017 to 2021; would be; exempted from 6 of the 14-modules; requirement for the ACCA professional certification, which are Paper 1 – 5. Paper 7 following their assessment with the cohort courses in the Landmark University’s Accounting programme.

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Adeniyi Olayanju, noted that the memorandum of understanding with ACCA was in the right direction, adding value to the high-quality education of the University.

Noting other milestones of the University such as her acceptance into the Oracle Academy. Signing of memorandum of understanding with IITA, NASRDA among others. Olayanju reiterated the University’s commitment to helping its graduates launch their careers and endowing them with a stronger employability status