Lagos State University has delayed assessments after lasu students injured during; stampede exams understudies of the school were; harmed during a charge.




The Lagos State University has affirmed that one of its understudies harmed in a charge that happened on Monday is presently hospitalized, as; per a report by Punch.

Review that around six understudies were harmed in a rush that happened at the Lagos State University on Monday.


It was; found out that the rush occurred during a GNS 102 assessment at the new ICT focus, close to the Faculty of Management Sciences of the college.

The LASU students injured during; stampede Coordinator, Center for Information Press and Public Relations, Ademola Adekoya, in an announcement on Monday, said the assessment had been; delayed.

The announcement read, “On the deplorable occurrence of a charge including nearly 100 Level understudies of the Lagos State University, which happened as they composed the GNS 102 assessment on Monday, sixth January 2019, the University wishes to state as follows, that:

“100-level understudies were; planned to compose the GNS 102 Examination on Monday sixth and Tuesday, seventh January 2019, between 8am-2pm day by day;

“The understudies were planned to compose the test in clumps, each group going through an hour in the CBT corridor; the course of action would have seen the understudies write in six bunches on the principal day;

“Restless to be among the previous set, a lot of the understudies endeavored to constrain their way into the 500 seats CBT Center in resistance of the endeavors of the Security Team to look after request;

“That brought about a charge that made some of them black out while a couple of others continued minor wounds;

“The influenced understudies were immediately hurried to the University Health Center and the Igando General Hospital for legitimate treatment. Just one of the harmed is as yet being treated at the General Hospital.

“The GNS assessment has now been rescheduled to occur on Wednesday, eighth and Thursday ninth January 2019, at the CBT Center and the Language Laboratory, Faculty of Arts, Main Campus, Ojo. Every understudy will likewise be designated explicit time to show up and sit for the assessment;

“The University laments the deplorable rate and is resolved to set up measures to keep away; from a repeat later on.”