Leaking Of Gas Causes Student To Slumped

Students of osun state university of Osogbo campus slumped inside the lecture room on Tuesday; and result to poisonous substance. The were 12 in number and the student were some 300 level student;s receiving lectures when leakage occurred.


Some of the students said the gas leaked from the laboratories while others said they did not know; the source of chemical. But they said that 12 students slumped as a result of the leaked chemical; and the slumped students were rushed to some hospital outside the campus for the treatment.

They student said “some 300 level students were receiving lectures in Anatomy department; in the afternoon when they happened. The lecture room was; overcrowded; and some of the students had squad while; on the them there was a fire extinguisher inside the room.

I think the students sat on it until one hour or there about, his weight had pressure on the; extinguisher, causing the container to release a heavily concentration of carbon-dioxide inside the already; stuffy lecture room.

The students in the leaked carbon dioxide and some of them slumped and were; taken to hospitals outside the campus when the situation was becoming very serious.


Some of them were taken; to lady of Fatima hospital at jaleyemi area. Some of the students were; placed on oxygen but their conditions were stable. One of the affected students basically has nobody here in Nigeria.

They parents were in cote d ‘ Ivoira and we have been; praying that nothing bad should happen to any of them. The vice-Chancellor of the university Prof.Labo Popoola when contacted, confirmed the incident.